VIDEO: Planned Parenthood + Democrat Party = Planned Deathhood!

This edition of the Tom Trento Show discusses Planned Parenthood and the Democrat platform that believes that babies have no rights, that the fathers of those babies have no rights, that it’s strictly and ONLY the woman’s right to abort the living human being inside her.

ONLY the woman’s right to determine to kill/abort the living human being even after it’s birth! Democrats screech about it being the “right” of the woman to kill that life without any hesitation.


  • Why doesn’t the father have a right?
  • Why is Planned Parenthood receiving government funding (your tax dollars)?
  • Why isn’t it murder?

The Democrat platform is death and destruction. Death of the Freedoms and Liberties afforded America by our Founders, death of babies pre-birth to even after being born, death of the elderly (end of life), death of the Judeo-Christian values, death of Free Speech, death of the Right to Bear Arms, and death of America First!

How can anyone vote for any Democrat with these current values?

Tom, along with guests in studio – Willy G and “Billy Bones” describe what an abortion does and why it MUST be considered murder. Discuss what Planned Parenthood is doing, how they are funded, and how they play into the Democrat talking points! #StopAbortions #StopPlannedParenthood Tom & team attended a West Palm Beach Pro-Life protest against a Planned Parenthood Donor event and talked with protesters. #Babies #GiftFromGod No doubts here, no argument could ever convince differently.

Watch: Planned Parenthood + Democrat Party = Planned Deathhood!


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