Agony: Face to Face with Soviet Fascism

Don’t be scared by the word Agony: I lived in Agony under the Soviet regime for years and knew the ideology was being brought to America, too. I wasn’t surprised by deadly Global Coronavirus Pandemic—I have written warnings to you about the Communists’ crimes for the last three decades. The title of this column was the title of my third book, published by Intermedia Publishing Inc. 2012. However, you were prevented from reading it. Ever since then I have been in agony, as a corrupt FBI had infiltrated the Publishing House and sabotaged my manuscript. When I repaired it, the Publishing House was forced into bankruptcy, killing my book. Making me a foreign agent in 2002, all my five books and numerous columns were banned by the FBI, to deprive you of the Truth. Actually, there is a more deadly invisible enemy than Covid-19: my books and columns educated, warned, and prepared you to prevent the deadly events by exposing the face of Soviet Fascism… Alas, that corrupt FBI has prevailed…

We are at war, in an asymmetrical ideological war waged by Soviet Fascism against Western civilization and American capitalism. The Global Covid-19 pandemic is not the first biological attack and it is not the last one against us. That is the reason, I’d like to show you how systematically I was preparing you for the criminal biological attack by Soviet Fascism to grasp what happened within our Intel and FBI. The following excerpts from my books focusing your attention on the origin of the criminal ideology of Soviet Fascism and its early components: Stalinism, the Soviet system, the Formula for Power, and the Soviet Mafia. Here are the fragments from The Russian Factor:

“For those who are interested in real historical facts, I should go back in time. After the end of WWII, Stalin’s main concern had become the unity of the USSR. As a matter of fact, the liberated West Ukraine was boiling with nationalist sentiments. Its leader Stephan Bandera had lived in the West Germany. He was recognized by the Soviets as “the legendary founder of the Ukrainian Nationalist Organization, which fought Stalin’s regime. …” Bandera was an outspoken and charismatic individual, calling for the Ukrainian independence. In so acting, he had become the Stalin’s principal target. The KGB got an assignment to assassinate him. Several subsequent attempts failed. Yet finally the KGB was successful, assassinating Bandera in 1959 with the poison that had no antidote. The name of the poison was Ricin. “…KGB assassin Boris Stashinsky used a poison gas gun to kill exiled Ukrainian nationalist leaders Lev Rebet and Stephan Bandera in the late 1950s,” (“Disinformation on Ukraine’s Freedom Fighters”).

“There was also information that the Nazis had used Ricin in the ‘’30s. You can judge for yourself the connection of times, crimes, and the essential actors of history… It was not a coincidence that Ricin had appeared in the North Iraq. Do you remember information I presented about the Soviet intelligence setting up a Marxist insurgency in Turkey? It was done in the same manner as the Soviet insurgency in the Philippines, Indonesia, and other countries in the ’60s-–’70s in the familiar design of Stalin’s Second Front. I believe that is the way Ricin got to North Iraq.

Africa: The Soviets Target

“The African continent was no exception. The infiltration of the Soviet intelligence forces into the African countries under the phony slogan “The Fight with Colonialism” since the ‘’60s brought only a disaster to those countries. Do you remember Rhodesia? Go today to Zimbabwe, a formerly Rhodesia, and see what Mr. Mugabe has done to the country. You will understand the scale of the disaster over the entire continent of Africa. It had been done, predominantly, by, the leaders of those countries, who studied in the Soviet Union. Please, go to the table I presented on the page p.255. The African leaders learned their constant excuses of the African leaders and their phony slogan “The Fight with Colonialism in the USSR.” Remember also that some of the Moscow’s ‘students’ were sent to the United States after their extensive training on the Soviet territory and later in Russian.” (I called them currently the Soviet Charlatans.)

“A few years ago, I saw a wonderful movie Out of Africa. Based on historic facts, the film told the story of the British community involved in the life of the African country Kenya. The events happened at the beginning of the ‘20s century, before Soviet infiltration into the African continent. I want you to see the film and judge for yourself the differences between the Britain’s involvement in Africa and the Soviet infiltration… In my book Baltic Winds, there is a conversation with my friend in 1980 where he told me that Africa would “‘sink in blood,’” because its leaders had been trained in Moscow in the Soviet ideology of fighting against American capitalism.

I watched Out of Africa in the twenty-first century, after the events of ‘the “killing fields’” in Burundi and Rwanda, where almost one million black people had been killed. Watching the film, the idea of showing you the historical contrast of the times came to my mind. If I remember it correctly, the British expedition in Kenya was studying monkeys and their behavior. The peaceful and beautiful landscape of the African country charmed me, especially the hardworking and decent people in its background. The humaneness of interrelation between the whites and blacks, and their mutual respect for each other was telling the real story. One scene brought me to tears. I was so depressed I by my inability to spread the truth and save lives. In the film, white and black people were watching together the behavior of monkeys, while playing the music of Beethoven. Can you imagine what I felt, watching the scene? The power of contrast was so stressful…! Now you know that the Soviet mafia was teaching people in Africa violence, brutality, and crime.

The film, however, brought to the memory a story from my personal experience. As the decade of the 60’s ‘came to a close, a client came to my office. She was a biologist or virusologist, working in the monkey’s nursery-reserve in Sukhumi, Georgia. She got an interesting offer from the Soviet government to work with monkeys on the research of viruses, somewhere in the central or south of Africa. The salary was very attractive, she needed the money and she accepted the offer, but still she was confused by the extreme secrecy of the project’s procedure and many strange requirements for her signature… Later on, I recalled my client, when the information about the AIDS was coming from Africa. The legacy of Stalinism left Africa with destruction, killings, despair, and poverty. No amount of money can revive ruined land and erase corruption in the world—only exposure of the Formula for Power will do that.” The Russian Factor: From Cold War to Global Terrorism, Xlibris, 2006, pp. 256-262.

Somewhere in the end of 1980s or beginning of 1990s the Soviet propaganda-machine unleashed the famous Soviet manipulator, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, to blame America for inventing HIV virus. I saw him on Moscow TV saying that: “CIA’s laboratory in Maryland had invented the HIV virus.” It was the standard process, observing two Stalinist postulates: “Never admit the crime committed, instead blame the opponents in that exact crime,” and “Blame America First.” Zhirinovsky, as usual, was spreading false information and this did not surprise me. What surprised me a decade later was to hear the same lies from Obama’s spiritual mentor Reverend Jeremiah Wright, of Trinity United Church in Chicago. I was stunned, he was yelling about the white Americans who invented the HIV virus to genocide the Black population. I described the scene on pp. 292-297, What is Happening to America? Xlibris, 2016. It is history, read it.

The subject of Soviet Fascism is a new and complicated topic for a reader. It is impossible to grasp and understand the nefarious evil of the ideology from one column: I will continue the explanation in the second segment of the column. However, I gave you those stories of the past purposely—they are inextricably connected. The Chinese Communist State is a totalitarian State like the Soviet Union and both are identical in their defense of themselves via Stalinist postulates. As in the case of the HIV virus, China blames America for Wuhan-virus, Covid-19—China called it an ideological bias against China. This is not a coincident in resemblance of behavior—it took Stalin twenty-nine years to establish Chinese Communist State, the KGB and Russian military delivered that result by 1949…

Though, I will write the part two of this column, for you to be ready for the next column, I’ll ask you to find on computer and read the Black Liberation Army Coordinating Committee’s Message to the Black Movement, A Political Statement from the Black Underground. This document was composed by the KGB under the Chairman Yuri Andropov and spread among the Black community in America at the end of 1960s. I have learned it from the KGB members in 1970s. Reading even the first page, will open your eyes and mind to see the actual Soviet propaganda. To grasp the ideology of Soviet Fascism, please also read my book Socialist Lies: From Stalin to the Clintons, Obamas, and Sanders, Xlibris, 2016.

We are at war. The pandemic Agony is now in economic activities of America, in supermarkets’ empty shelves, the DJI is down, and the minds of Americans threatened for their future. To overcome current Agony, knowledge of Russia, her Security Services, and the ideology of Soviet Fascism is a Must! Without this knowledge we will have another virus—Tsar-virus to kill as many people as possible to end Western civilization and the political system of the Constitutional American Republic left to us by our Founding Fathers…

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