Locked-down in France!

Dear friends,

Greetings from the south of France! Christina and I have been held under house arrest since March 17 for a crime the French government has yet to inform us we have committed. Virtually all flights into and out of Nice have been cancelled until further notice. The French president, Emmanuel Macron (whom the French call le petit Macaron, or Little Cookie), has abdicated his constitutional responsibilities to a 12-member Scientific Council, who argue amongst themselves but seem to have one thing very much in common: they love power.

And power is what the French lock down is all about. The interior minister yesterday announced that the security forces, police and gendarmes, have carried out over 9 million identity checks (Papers! Now! Achtung!), reminiscent of the Nazi occupation of France. Assuming that each stop involved two people, that’s nearly one-fourth of the entire population. The minister also revealed that police had issued more than 500,000 tickets. The minimum fine for traveling without your special government-issued “attestation” is 135 euros. Repeat offenders are fined ten times that amount; and egregious violators – more than 4 forbidden excursions – up to 5,000 euros and six months in jail. What a wonderful way to ensure the coronavirus gets spread to the prison system! One woman was given a ticket this week because she had to buy sanitary napkins. The police didn’t consider that to fall into the category of shopping for “necessities,” one of the few reasons they allow you out of your house.

But please don’t misunderstand me: Christina and I can’t complain. We are healthy, we are in love, and we have 16 beautiful acres to roam and work on. (Below is a picture of me and the Blue Trumpster, and another using my Stihl FS400 brush cutter to clear an area of our hillside I have neglected for nearly 15 years….!).

Also, the forced stay in France has allowed me to complete the final edit of my new political thriller, The Election Heist, which is still scheduled to be released in August by Post Hill Press. Have a look at the wide variety of endorsements on the amazon.com page, hereAnd don’t forget to pre-order the book. This is very important. Only by pre-orders do publishers these days determine the size of the print run. And the bigger the print run, the more bookstores that will carry the book.

If you think the Democrats are going to sit back and let Donald Trump get re-elected this November, think again! Although The Election Heist is an “entertainment,” it is based on very real, well-known flaws in our voting systems.

As we listen to the news and talk to our local shopkeeper, what I find astonishing is the ease with which the French have surrendered their freedoms to the state. And for what purpose? It remains the opinion of the Scientific Council – the opinion, mind you – that the lock-down is preventing the collapse of the [Medicare-for-all-style] public health system, and that alone justifies shutting down the whole country and most of the economy and unleashing the police state.

Hardest hit, of course, are small business owners and the self-employed. It also just so happens that this part of the population tends to be the most conservative, perhaps because they depend on themselves for their livelihood and not a big employer or the government. Do you see a pattern here?

Oh well. We have been keeping up with our Lectio Divina during Lent, and look forward to celebrating our Risen Lord on Easter – by illegally lunching with neighbors! (Ssshht!)

“Surely he will save you from the fowler’s snare and from the deadly pestilence….” (Psalm 91)

Yours (still) in freedom,


PS: And don’t forget to have a look at the amazon.com page for The Election Heist and to pre-order the book!

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