New Study Demolishes Fauci, Birx and Bill Gates’ Lies

“The main difference between a cat and a lie is that a cat only has nine lives.” – Mark Twain

“When we give government the power to make medical decisions for us, we in essence accept that the state owns our bodies.” –  Ron Paul

“The more laws that governments pass, the less individual freedom there is. Any student of history will tell you that. Totalitarian countries ban pretty much everything.” – Bill O’Reilly

“It will not be denied that power is of an encroaching nature and that it ought to be effectually restrained from passing the limits assigned to it.” – James Madison, Federalist 48, 1788

We’ve just been through the twilight zone with a taste of socialism, all based on lies sold to us by establishment globalist “experts” and their scientific models.  A good friend said to me, “This is a political event, not a medical event.”  How right he is!  Healthy people should not have been quarantined despite what “experts” told us.  Everything the country has done is backasswards.  A lot of us are angry, others are sheeple who follow government orders implicitly without a thought of our freedoms, and buy exorbitant amounts of toilet paper for nothing.

Alexander Hamilton said, “Every act of a delegated authority, contrary to the tenor of the commission under which it is exercised, is void. No legislative act, therefore, contrary to the Constitution, can be valid. To deny this, would be to affirm, that the deputy is greater than his principal; that the servant is above his master; that the representatives of the people are superior to the people themselves; that men acting by virtue of powers, may do not only what their powers do not authorize, but what they forbid.”

Personally, I rebel against government orders that take my God given freedoms from me.  So, do we really have those God-given freedoms or are they only on loan from the feds?  I fear the latter because most Americans no longer know the Almighty, nor do they know or cherish our Constitution.

2020 Lockdown

Healthy Americans have been quarantined, but officially, the definition of “quarantine” is very specific: It’s the seclusion of a person potentially exposed to a disease for a period of time to see if they become infected. A person under quarantine typically stays in one place to avoid nearly all contact with the outside world. When such a quarantine is ordered by the government, it’s illegal to violate them…but in 2020, the state governments have quarantined healthy people.

During the 1918-1919 Spanish flu epidemic, homes had signs on them that they were quarantined, everyone wore masks, and everything was done outdoors, including haircuts, church services and holding court, (check these photos).  In America alone, 675,000 died when our population was a third less than today…but little was shut down.

The congregation prays on the steps of the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption, where they gathered to attend mass and pray during the influenza epidemic, in San Francisco, California.

Today, synagogues and churches are closed to parishioner’s with “social distancing,” but in 1918, church services were held outside and people prayed to end the scourge.

The state of Tennessee is shut down until the end of April, despite only having had 178 deaths in a state of 6.829 million people, and was it really Covid-19 that caused their deaths or underlying health issues?

Experts Wrong Again

Two new studies have proven the experts wrong again.  The truth about the actual number of Americans infected with coronavirus via a Stanford University study, tells a totally different story.  There were 3,300 people tested for antibodies and the results showed that 50 – 80 times more people are infected than the actual numbers officially reported as infected by Fauci, Birx and Gates.

Another study out of the University of Southern California is confirming the Stanford study.  They reported that when they tested 863 people in Los Angeles County, about 4.1 percent tested positive. The population of LA County is about 8 million, so 4.1 percent, that means about 320,000 adults have had a Covid-19 infection before April 9th.  Comparing this to the confirmed cases of Covid-19, the study shows that LA County cases are actually 40 times larger than reported.

The implications are two-fold.  One is that mortality rates based on confirmed cases are going to be much lower than based on the number of infections or the estimated number of infections in the study.  The good news is that the mortality rate is far lower than what was prognosticated.

Fox reporter John Roberts was caught on a hot mic in the White House talking about it.  He told an employee he could take off the mask as the case fatality rate was .01 to .03 or 1/10th of what was forecast. He said USC and Los Angeles County Health did the study and they reported 7,000 cases and they really believe there were 221,000 to 442,000 people who were infected.  What I want to know is why the worker with the mask said he didn’t have to worry because they’d been vaccinated anyway.  This means the case fatality rates are far less than forecast than the models presented by “experts” Fauci and Birx.  In reality, the death rate/fatality rate is way down.

It’s not a hoax, there is a real infection and it can kill the elderly and those with compromised immune systems, but it seems to be no more lethal than the common flu and is being spread more widely by those who show no symptoms.  They have only tested people with symptoms and not even all of them, so their figures vary widely from factual infection and death.  This proves the information from Drs. Shiva and Buttar are correct.  We need true accountability.

Obviously, the catastrophic numbers have been exaggerated to crash the economy and control the people with fear, resulting in 26 million people out of work and destroying over 30% of our small businesses.  All of which was planned with great precision to destroy the presidency of Donald J. Trump.

If fear ruled Americans, we would never have fought the Revolutionary War or World War II. Normandy, the Battle of Crete, of Anzio, of Monte Cassino, of Sedan, of the Bulge, and many others would have been lost along with Iwo Jima.

Get America Back to Work

Two doctors have collected data in clinics in California and they have presented their conclusions in two videos.  You can listen to the first video here, and the second here.  This article gives you only short portions from their conclusions.

Doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi recently completed a 51-minute press conference.  They said their facilities have tested over 5,200 patients for the coronavirus throughout the county, making up for over half of all testing in Kern, California. According to their data, the death rate of the coronavirus is similar in prevalence to the flu.  “Now that we have the facts,” said Dr. Erickson. “It’s time to get back to work.”

Emphatically no, we do not need to continue to shelter in place and we never should have done it to begin with.  Do we need businesses to be shut down?  Again, emphatically no!  Do we need to test people and get them back to work?  Yes, we do!  Is the flu less dangerous than Covid?  No!  It’s not! They are similar in prevalence and death rate.  It’s time to open society and get back to work!  Bill Gates funded globalist NIH Doctor, Anthony Fauci, says Covid-19 is ten times more lethal than the flu. People, we’ve been had!  Their projected numbers created policies that are destroying far more lives than the virus itself. Their model has collapsed.

Fauci and Birx were brought in by Coronavirus Task Force leader, VP Mike Pence.  Had he brought in MIT’s Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai; we would undoubtedly not be in this economic nightmare.

Rates of Infection in California

In California there are a reported 33,865 Covid cases out of a total of 285,900 tested; that’s 12 percent of Californians were positive for Covid.  The initial models were woefully inaccurate.  They predicted millions of cases of death, not of prevalence or incidence, but of death.  That has not materialized.  In California, 12 percent are positives, but the population is 39.5 million.  A basic calculation extrapolated out gives us 4.7 million cases throughout California which means this virus is widespread.  They’ve seen 1,227 deaths in California with a possible incidence or prevalence of 4.7 million.  That means you have a 0.03 chance of dying from Covid-19 in the state of California.

Drs. Erickson and Massihi ask if this necessitates sheltering in place, does that necessitate shutting down the medical systems, does that necessitate people being out of work?  We certainly didn’t react the same way with the flu!

Dr. Erickson continues, “If this is a typical extrapolation, 328 million people times 19.6 is 64 million and that’s a significant amount of people with Covid.  It’s similar to the flu if you study the numbers from 2017-2018, we had 50-60 million sick with the flu and a similar death rate.  The death rate was 43,545 and we have a death rate of 30 to 60,000 every year from flu in the United States. And there is no pandemic talk, no sheltering in place, no shutting down businesses and no sending our doctors home.”

Emergency rooms in California are empty, hospital floors are shut down, and basically hospital ICUs are empty.  They are furloughing patients and doctors.  In New York, the health system is working at maximum capacity, although we’re seeing the rates of infection drop exponentially, whereas California is at a minimal capacity.

Everything Dr. Erickson has said verifies the Stanford and University of Southern Cal study that talks about how widespread this virus really is and how this data needs to be shared with all of America.  This virus is not as deadly as Fauci, Birx and Bill Gates have made it out to be. Once again, massive fear was sold to us by the “experts” and the mainstream media.  The prevalence with this virus goes up and up, but the death rate gets smaller and smaller, millions of cases, but a small amount of death.  The response to this virus was completely and totally misguided.  The unnecessary lockdown will end up being more destructive than Covid-19.

Rates of Infection in New York

New York State cases of Covid as of April 22, are 256,272. According to public data on line, a total of 649,325 tests and 39 percent of New Yorkers tested positive for Covid.  Even with social distancing, the “experts” totals were far out of range.  The extrapolated-out figures are far closer to reality than the predictive models that have been nowhere in the ballpark.  The deaths in New York are 19,010 out of 19 million people which is a 0.1 percent chance of dying of Covid in the state of New York and they have a 92 percent recovery rate if indeed you are diagnosed with Covid.  Again, millions of cases, and a small number of deaths.

Sweden v. Norway

Sweden did not lockdown, and they have 15,325 cases of Covid and they did 74,600 tests and 21 percent of all those tested came up positive for Covid.  Sweden’s population is about 10.4 million.  Extrapolating out the data, there are about two million cases of Covid in Sweden.  They did a bit of social distancing and mask wearing, but schools and stores were open, businesses openly functioned, their daily lives continued with a small amount of social distancing.  The death rate was 1,765 and California had 1,220 with isolation.  There are more people in California, but it’s still millions of cases and very small death rate.

Norway, which is next door to Sweden, shut down their entire economy.  They had 7,991 cases, total tested 149,279.  They came up with 4.9 percent of all Covid tests were positive in Norway.  The population is 5.4 million.  Extrapolating data gives Norway about 1.3 million cases and their deaths were 182, which is fairly low and statistically insignificant and a .003 chance of death in Norway and a 97 percent recovery.  Norway’s numbers are a small bit better than Sweden, but it doesn’t necessitate shutdown, loss of jobs, destruction of the oil industry and furloughing doctors.

Basically the numbers worldwide are the same, but what Fauci, Birx and Gates didn’t take into consideration were the deaths from the lockdown, alcoholism, suicides, drug addiction and overdoses, bankruptcies, loss of jobs and businesses…all of which will be more devastating than Covid-19 whose figures are very close to yearly flus.

Secondary Effects of Covid-19

Covid-19 is only one aspect of our health sector, but what has social isolation caused? Dr. Erickson has collected data from ERs across the country and talked to fellow physicians.  Child molestation is increasing at a severe rate.  Unemployed family members are home with no paychecks, they’re angry and intoxicated and doing damage that will last a lifetime.  Spousal abuse is also massively on the rise.  Alcoholism, anxiety, depression, drug addiction, suicides, education has dropped off, economic collapse, the medical industry is suffering because the staff is not there and there is no volume of patients.  These are all things Dr. Erickson and Massihi see every day in their clinics from Fresno to San Diego, and the lockdown results are spiking in every community across America.

This is the ripple effect of listening to Fauci and Birx and their false models.  Remember in January Fauci said this virus was nothing to worry about, but his tune changed, and so did our economy…all because of their false forecasts of the death rates of this virus.

Covid-19 v. Seasonal Flu

Is Covid-19 significantly different asks Dr. Erickson…well no, it isn’t.  Deaths per the CDC are 24,000 to 60,000 each year.  We had about 45 million cases of flu in 2017, with 62,000 deaths or a 0.13 chance of death from flu in America.  Our other numbers were 0.02 for Covid, so the lethality of Covid-19 is much less.  They followed the true science.

Sadly, what was presented to our president by Fauci and Birx at the onset of this pandemic was outrageously wrong, and now we have 26 million people out of work, a totally destroyed economy, humongous additional debt, and inflation on the near horizon.  They told him to either sacrifice his economy or two million lives, what choice did the man have?  But here’s the thing, who the hell vetted these two before putting them in power over America and our president’s decisions?  Certainly not Pence.


The death counts from Covid-19 have been hugely amplified to include people who were not even tested and died from other ailments.  I believe this entire virus was planned and executed by Fauci and Birx who are hardcore leftists tied to WHO, the UN the Clintons, and Obama.  This eight-minute video is unverified and may be false, but it tells a lot of truth, albeit I do not believe anything negative will happen to Fauci.  Decide for yourselves.

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    This was NOT a mistake but a purposely planned event by the globalists. It is a hoax (“something meant to deceive or fraud”) not just on the U.S. populace but the entire world. It is a smokescreen by the globalists as they prepare to put their NWO plans into action. See here for the playbook which will lead to a one-world government.

  2. Jonas Salk
    Jonas Salk says:

    So, when are you going to join the anti-lockdown protestors, without a mask on?

    When are you going to volunteer to work in the meatpacking plants and ignore safe distancing rules? And, work without a mask?

    After all, it’s all a hoax; it’s all political. We don’t need to listen to scientists, public health experts, epidemiologists, infectious disease researchers, etc. We’ve all been hoodwinked.

    OMW! Have you drunk the Trump rightwing Kool-Aid!

    The worst comment of all was your saying that “healthy” people shouldn’t be quarantined. Sorry, but people can be asymptomatic for days and spread the virus. Those so-called healthy people have put others at risk; indeed, the misbehavior of “healthy” people, their devil-may-care attitudes, and their partying has led to illnesses and deaths. The red state Republican governors who delayed issuing stay-at-home and quarantining orders, just like Trump, have put the people’s health and welfare at risk.

    Without testing, and even with it, going back to work, reopening, etc. is a recipe for disaster. Safe distancing, quarantining, and respecting public health and medical authorities is our only way out of this crisis.

    Even thoughtful libertarians agree that people do not have the right to invade other people’s privacy, put other people’s lives at risk, and damage their welfare.

    You’re spewing utter nonsense claiming that COVID-19 is no worse than the flu. All major findings, here and across the globe, by a host of independent organizations and scientists have debunked that claim.

    I feel sorry for you. It’s really time for you to open up your mind — and your heart — and read deeply in reputable medical journals, findings by well-regarded scientists, and news sources that provide reality-based information, not your extremist Fox Fake News propaganda.

    • Kelleigh Nelson
      Kelleigh Nelson says:

      Do more homework, read more, read my links, you’re falling prey to the propaganda, and no, I refuse to wear masks, they’re worthless unless you have an N95 mask and have been trained in how to put it on.

      You obviously haven’t read the links…okay, feel the way you do without doing research, this is just another flu, and more people are dying from suicide and the horrors of the shutdown than from this Chinese virus.

    • Dick Leppky
      Dick Leppky says:

      And you don’t have a single piece of evidence and yet YOU are the one who is ignoring the statistics. Anyone can access them – globally and or by country….it seems to me you prefer to keep your head in the sand and make the usual leftist/progressive responses that have no foundation.

      • Kelleigh Nelson
        Kelleigh Nelson says:

        If you think my statements are leftist, you didn’t read the entire article…I’m hardcore conservative….no leftist in me. I think you’re humorous. Thanks for writing

    • Aedia Nyrtack
      Aedia Nyrtack says:

      So, Jonas—revered immunologist that you are–why do you assume Dr. Swier and the rest of us scientists (myself included) who don’t buy the narrative are “brainwashed by the right”. It seems that you and the majority of the lock-down supporters are the brainwashed ones. I have received the same low-energy attack from people such as you. I have run an NIH-funded research lab for many years, and spent years working from late nights at the bench as a PhD student, to later nights at the bench as a post-doc, to assistant professor and on to tenure. I know of what I speak in this world of science. There ARE studies demonstrating a lack of asymptomatic transmission that involve rigorous statistical analysis and tracing of thousands of contacts. There are NO studies demonstrating asymptomatic transmission…only anecdotal “studies” that only got published because of the current situation because they are not rigorous. They all involve identifying a patient that is thought to be “patient 1” and a handful of contacts that developed symptoms, only reporting contact with the patient 1 before his/her symptoms emerged. All the cases published to date involve prolonged, close contact. This is consistent with the actual statistically rigorous studies that demonstrate a 0.67% rate of pre-symptomatic transmission (2 secondary infections out of 299 people exposed presymptomatically with no social distancing or PPE). In contrast, the rate of transmission from severely ill patients was 1.6% (13 secondary infections out of 786 contacts). This study showed NO transmission from asymptomatic patients (0 out of 91 contacts). It is revealed in the study whether the presymptomatic transmissions were from those severely ill patients. The study also broke down contacts by the location of exposure-household, family and outside (school, work, retail, restaurants, etc). Only 1 of 1800 outside contacts developed a secondary infection and that person was exposed during the symptomatic phase. There are no studies to refute this. There was a second study performing contract tracing on over 400 asymptomatic patients and also identified no secondary infections. This is actually totally consistent with how viruses work. Irrespective of one’s political party, a virus that is highly lethal kills its host (be that host a D or an R) and if it is also highly infectious, it will eliminate its host and, thus, its ability to replicate. Selecting for such a virus, and one that continues to return in “waves”, doesn’t make sense scientifically. Thus, when this combination of infectivity and lethality is proposed by someone (even an “expert”), a thinking scientist would question it, likely digging into the available data and discover that there are, in fact, no data to support this idea.Nor is the idea that they “live” on surfaces, being that they’re not alive, supported by any data. The “experts” recently forced, nay bullied, the W.H.O. into backing down on their data-supported claim that asymptomatic transmission is very rare. Was this refuted with data? Science? Were the studies cited that support this claim soundly refuted? No. They were not. The experts cited MODELS. MODELS are not used by any scientist worth their salary to refute DATA. This egregious obfuscation of science and bullying of those who oppose the narrative is nothing short of evil. And to then attempt to dismiss highly educated scientists attempting to call out this travesty by making a judgmental (and decided NON-LIBERAL in ideology) generalization about the persons, with no evidence to back it up, is deplorable. That’s right. The deplorables are the ones bastardizing science to shut down the economy, remove personal freedoms and create a police state, all because you consider yourself a self-appointed beacon of virtue. The teen suicides, deaths of elderly senior home residents locked in their rooms who rapidly descend into dementia, the years of poverty induced by the shut down, the deaths of those who missed check-ups and surgeries, that’s on you Mr. Salk. Please, think, reflect and find me the transcript of a Fauci statement where he cites actual data, not models and not hygiene and behavioral recommendations one might hear from an overbearing grandmother.

  3. Debra Stevenson
    Debra Stevenson says:

    Let’s assume that all of the above is true. How did Mike Pence come to select Fauci and Berix if they are known to be hard core leftists?

    • Kelleigh Nelson
      Kelleigh Nelson says:

      Your guess is as good as mine, but Mike Pence has never vetted anyone, and his ties to the neo-con Trotskyites is well documented.

    • Kelleigh Nelson
      Kelleigh Nelson says:

      Debra, I’m going to see if I can find an answer to that. I know how he came to select the people when he was in charge of the transition team, but Birx and Fauci, not sure…if I find out, I’ll let you know.

    • Kelleigh Nelson
      Kelleigh Nelson says:

      Remember that Azar was in charge first, but I’m not sure if it was Azar or Pence who chose these people. Just read an old January article from USA Today…hmmm…there were a lot of folks on the task force, but Fauci took center stage. And it was Fauci who shut down the economy at the whims of his friend, Dr. Tedros Adhanom of WHO with his hyper overblown death models he gave to Fauci. And where did Tedros get his info? From his comrades in China. Of course Birx went along with this because Fauci was her mentor from way back. Oy vey, what a nest of vipers.


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