The Betrayal and the Programming behind Covid 19 – A UK Perspective [Part 1]

These are my views as a woman living in England, on how the culture and spirit of my country has changed over 50 years.   Why the country does not feel protected or strong any more, how it has lost, and is losing it values and decency, and how we are daily losing our free speech.

Since Cain killed Abel and the growing enmity between Ishmael and Isaac’s existence, the world has never been a safe place for us to hide from.   We can be subject to thousands of incidents, accidents and illnesses inside and outside our home every day of the week.   We take precautions; but the virus of evil is much more destructive than we can ever imagine.

It is very strange and slightly sad when you listen and bear witness to two continuous and very different narratives every day.

You see the battle between fact and fiction, reality and lies, in relation to Covid 19, are currently coexisting in a parallel world right now.   However, I sense storm clouds are gathering; and the stoic British pride of working together during a national crisis may just be about to turn a bit nasty if certain ‘other’ truths should ever get openly reported.

Right now some people are dealing with what they see as manageable in a world of sleeping, eating, on line shopping and exercising. They trust what they are told.  An initial fear and panic has slowly subsided and along with some unusual sunny weather, the British public are now, according to TV programming, ‘In this Together’ and ‘Undefeated’ against a virus which in only a few short weeks has dictated its very presence to every second of our waking moments

Between messages of staying fit, connecting with loved ones,  helping each other out (all worthy virtues) and finding new ways of interacting with each other from a distance; also including the latest technology of course, the alerts of ‘Staying Home to Protect Lives’ are constantly being aired.   And, as if by chance you should feel bad about your life, programmes are still being interrupted by how much worse it is for those who are also suffering from cancer, heart disease and arthritis, just to name a few of the many illnesses which have also affected everyone’s lives and coexisted in our world for a very long time.

Recently, as though for a moment forgotten, talking about our Mental Health state has also just been resurrected.  There is another type of suffering as a result of being confined or separated from humanity, also taking place.  Could it be the loss of a person’s identity creates confusion and fear when the world falls apart?  The negative aspects and the cost to human life are not being equally reported against the statistics for the deaths created by Covid 19.

There are also posters on a main road near to me instructing me to ‘Be Kind’.  It’s a positive message to consider, but I’m not sure if this means that we cannot speak up against any evils that we may see along the way, and I have wondered how kindness can suddenly be a virtue which can over-ride the secret evil that resides in many men’s hearts?

For some reason there seems to be a whole lot of emotions being toyed with here. It is like being bombed from a great height with no air raid shelter to protect you and you see people accepting without question any orders that they are being given.     Life, if you are not objective, is like a roller coaster, being up one moment, down the next, turned upside down and looping the loop.   The results have become a false high or an actual sickness.

Many people are now avoiding the alerts as best as they can for many different reasons.   Some are aware it frightens them and some are aware there is other information out there which does not correspond with what they are seeing.    Some have found a renewed faith and stillness and an appreciation of the simple things in life, like a silver lining around a very dark cloud.   Genuine kindness then surfaces.   In some respects a search and rescue mission has been taking place regardless of the silence of the Church of England or the religion of your best life now which is indifferent to everyone else who is perishing in their sins.

However, on the whole, the mainstream media and our TV programming are reporting a collective humanism, which is minus God of course, which is doing fine thank you, whilst still remembering the facts of the virus.     We have to remember we are in this together like a new one world religion that is strong and undefeated.

It looks good and it feels good, but sadly, we are being tricked.  We have no idea of what, or who the enemy really is, if we are only listening to what we are being told.     At times like these it is worth remembering or being aware of how evil really works if you can stomach some facts, do a little research and use some rational and critical thinking for ourselves.  Another virus, the virus of inherent evil which does not care about humanity, and only cares for itself, still operates. It has always taken advantage.  It gives people a false illusion of heroism and togetherness, feeds people false facts, and offers a helping hand too.   It comes appearing as an angel of light, when really it is a demon of darkness.  It uses Commonality to promote its Purpose.   Whilst it has you feeling inclusive, it is usually carrying out it own divisive agenda.

Staying at Home to Save Lives

Whilst many people believe they are staying at home to save lives, on the 30th March, the UK government approved new measures which allow DIY abortions to be performed on women by themselves in their homes without the need of a medical professional to be present.

Considered to be a ‘temporary’ policy, it is reported doctors can prescribe mifepristone and misoprostol over the phone or via Face time and Skype, which is the new normal way of interacting.

An urgent application for a judicial review has been made by a Christian law firm.   CEO Andrea Williams states:

“The government appears to be caving to the long-standing pressure from abortion industry promoters for whom this has long been a goal.

 “If this goes unchallenged and is widely practiced there will be no going back and that is tragic for women and their children.

Staying at Home to Save Lives

Whilst many people are making sacrifices by socially distancing themselves from their loved ones and staying home, it has been reported by Brexit Party UK Leader, Nigel Farage that up until recently our borders were open and illegal immigrants were still entering the UK, together with passengers arriving by flights to the country, and were not being tested for Covid 19.   On the 28th April 2020, he tweeted “What is the Government doing to stop the boats from crossing the British channel.   Border Force seems to be complicit.   In the Telegraph he wrote:

“When you think about just how relaxed the UK government has been with regard to people arriving on our shores since this situation unfolded, isn’t the very term ‘lockdown’ a misnomer?  

The BBC, the British Broadcasting Company which sadly people no longer trust very much, reported that 40 people were recently picked up by Border Force.  They stated:

“Our priorities are to arrest and dismantle the organised crime gangs who are prepared to gamble with the lives of others and returning those who have come here illegally, from a safe country.”

Staying at Save Lives Home to

The appreciation towards the dedication that some of our doctors and nurses working for our National Health Service, and of course all of our Emergency Services goes without saying.   Prior to Covid 19, there were very mixed reactions being targeted towards our NHS who were working with a system that was overloaded and stretched unable to support the growing number of people who were using the service?   Waiting times and a lack of available beds, together with how money was being spent, were some of the problems that were constantly being criticized.

Over the last six weeks, an appreciation towards carers is now being demonstrated by residents across the country coming out of their homes at a certain time of night on a Thursday, and cheering and clapping in the streets.   There are also posters of hearts and rainbows in the windows of some people homes showing their appreciation to the NHS.

However, it is now being reported by a doctor who keeps an on line diary for the NHS on the BBC website, that they are experiencing ‘clapping injuries’.  Yes.

He writes:

People might need to be a bit more cautious, especially if they’ve been sitting down all day and then get up to clap. It might be one of the only times older people come outside and so there is a risk of falling and I’d just remind people to take care.

“The clap for carers has made us a little busier,” says Richard Pilling, consultant orthopaedic surgeon at Harrogate District Hospital.

“It’s very nice that everyone is very enthusiastic about showing support but it’s escalated, so people are coming out banging pans and seeing who can clap the loudest, and therein accidents lie.

I am embarrassed to write about this just as I would be embarrassed to warn people about clapping.  As an over-protective mother I have learnt some lessons about being too cautious and the consequences that arise from that; but seriously, clapping!

Instructing people, some of whom have fought in many different battles throughout their life about clapping, should seriously raise some questions about what is really going on right here and who and what is controlling your life.

We should remember that more than one million British military personnel lost their lives in World War I and World War II alone.  What has happened to the spirit that fought for freedom and has now been reduced to being warned about clapping?  Are we also being controlled by the same virus?

“The receptivity of the masses is very limited, their intelligence is small, but their power of forgetting is enormous. In consequence of these facts, all effective propaganda must be limited to a very few points and must harp on these in slogans until the last member of the public understands what you want him to understand by your slogan.” ― Adolf Hitler

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