Helicopters and Hunters: Day 53 of House Arrest in France

I never could have imagined I would be writing these lines.

Today, Friday, is the 53rd day of our house arrest in France. And still, we are told that the vast majority of French men and women support the lockdown (as long as the beaches are allowed to reopen!).

Like the U.S., France is divided politically. “Blue” Frenchmen have never liked to work anyway. They are the ones you meet at the post office, the train stations, the metro, and in many large corporations. By law they cannot be fired, so they figure they don’t really have to work. If government tells them to stay home with full pay, so be it. Let the Lockdown rock on!

“Red” Frenchmen are the small business owners, the entrepreneurs and farmers, the artisans, restaurant owners, and hoteliers. Many of them are going to lose their businesses no matter how often the Prime Minister tells them he’s got their back. (He doesn’t).

One of our friends, whose husband owns a small business, went out for a walk on the mountain across from our house last week with her two adult children and several grandchildren. They were on the ridge line, walking single file, headed for the Roman ruins that overlook the Mediterranean when a government helicopter made a bee-line for them. They tried to hide, but the vegetation was sparse and they were all wearing bright clothing. The helicopter circled them twice, flying low, then buzzed off. They decided to make a run for it.

As they were headed down, the dog started barking wildly. Luckily, they were back in the maquis and managed to hide behind a thicket of bright yellow Scottish broom and giant heather. To their astonishment, they watched a 4×4 slowly climb the rocky mountain road, heading for the spot they had just left. “It was a local hunter,” my friend said. “They have an agreement with the gendarmes and were coming up to arrest us.”

You’ve heard plenty of stories like these from our blue states as well, with the 1-800 call-in line for people to rat out their neighbors. They all signify the same thing: the big government control freaks love to exercise dictatorial powers, and are using the health crisis to indulge their fantasies and test how far they can go before we the people revolt.

They believe that we are children. The French president showed that clearly this week, giving a TV interview on his plan to “slowly” reopen the economy in an elementary school classroom. Here you go, children. This is what you must do. Otherwise, we are going to re-confine you again, he said.

You hear the same fairy tales about election security from our Democrat friends. No, Virginia, there is no such thing as election fraud. Don’t look over here, where the electronic tabulators are changing votes. Look at those big crowds of people lining up to vote. Voter suppression!

If you don’t think this is going to happen again in November, then you need to read my new book, THE ELECTION HEIST.

I first got the idea for the book after running for Congress against an entrenched Maryland Democrat in November 2012. Who could beat such a person, I wondered? Certainly, not me. But what about a wealthy, handsome Hispanic media personality, with a wildly popular daily talk show?

Meet Nelson Aguilar, my fictional GOP candidate.

He is the rock star of the barrio, who literally gets his followers to dance a mariachi line around his Democrat opponent. He is pro-life, pro-family, and pro-American, or as I put it in the book, “everything the Democrats fear most.”

I’m not going to tell you how it turns out, but you can get a hint from the title…

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Christina and I will remain in France for at least another six weeks, it seems. The French Prime Minister just announced that France will keep its borders sealed tight until June 16, at the earliest. And no one is calling him a xenophobe or a racist!

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