State Authorized Killing of Civilians is a War Crime

“America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual Life. If you can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.” — Joseph Stalin.

That statement by Stalin was pronounced after WWII, when America and Russia had been Allies. Those words were said after the Nuremberg trials and Tokyo trials, revealing the Evil of National Socialism. The statement was especially noticeable when Stalin invited members of the Muslim Brotherhood to the Kremlin in celebration of his 70th anniversary in 1949. Unlike his actions, it was the time after WWII, when the Geneva conventions adopted additional protocols to protect human life. With knowledge of Stalin’s order forming the groundwork for the Project of 1955, his statement demonstrates the USSR’s threatening intent towards America.

Considering the time after WWII, “…numerous international treaties and conventions attempted to devise a comprehensive and enforceable definition of war crimes. The four separate Geneva conventions, adopted in 1949, in theory made prosecutable certain acts committed in violation of the laws of war.” Encyclopedia Britannica.

Writing this column in May 2020, when civilians and members of the military are dying in cities and villages around the globe; poisoned by Covid-19, Stalin’s statement is a guide to actions and requires broader analyses of the ideology we know as Socialism/Communism, bearing in mind the International Law and the Geneva Convention. The precedents are known:

“The importance of the Geneva Conventions and their additional protocols was reflected in the establishment of war-crimes tribunals for Yugoslavia (1993) and Rwanda (1994) and by the Rome Statute (1998), which created an International Criminal Court.” Encyclopedia Britannica, Geneva Convention by Malcolm Show. Considering the recent Global Pandemic the U.S. government should establish a war-crimes tribunal for the ideology of Socialism/Communism and the regimes based on that ideology. The first regime of Socialism/Communism was established in Russia and spread as the Soviet System to North Korea, China, Venezuela, and others. The collapse of the USSR handed over the leadership of the ideology to China…

The history of the CCP in reducing its population is well-known. After the revolt of the Chinese people, the CCP stopped the policy of one child in the family. Yet, the desire to reduce the population definitely stays. Knowing the mentality of the Socialist/Communist regime, gives me the following idea. The production of Wuhan virus initially was aimed at the elderly Chinese population—to get rid of the elderly Chinese civilians, who were a burden. The attempt to kill the elderly Chinese population has had a tremendous result. As usual, the CCP hid the real numbers, but it is possible that 21 million Chinese civilians were killed by Covid-19. Read The Epoch Times.” Uncensored Chinese Report May Have Accidentally Revealed Millions of New COVID Deaths, WJ, by Ben Marquis, Published March 27, 2020

The analyses of the events during the last five months showing that “Covid-19 kills an estimated 13.4% of patients 80 and older, compared to 1.25% of those in their 50s and 0.3% of those in their 40s. It starts with preexisting conditions: Data from China show that such comorbidities dramatically raise the risk of dying from Covid-19.” Logical explanation of elderly lethality is a mark of biological aging and declining immunity. Chinese scientists in the CCP knew it. That is the proof of a deliberate design and production of the Covid-19, which by itself constitutes a war-crime against humanity…

The Pandemic in America coincides with the appalling treatment of General Michael Flynn and other Republicans, violating all norms of American Law by the Obama administration. Those events require a separate column to describe another front of the war waged against Western civilization and American capitalism. Only people who know the regime of Socialism/Communism can see an inextricable connection between the two events and the statement made by Comrade Stalin in the 20th century, after WWII… Read Socialist Lies: From Stalin to the Clintons, Obamas, and Sanders by Simona Pipko, Xlibris, 2016. This book was initially titled: From Communism to Terrorism.

Socialism/Communism – Enemy of Humanity

History is the Mother of all sciences and the only way to find truth. The 40th U.S. President Ronald Reagan found this truth—Socialism doesn’t work, it can’t produce— the Socialist economy collapsed in 1991 Russia. That collapse was a victory of Capitalism over Socialism. Yes, it was a victory, yet the war has not ended, because the Soviet System designed by Stalin wasn’t crushed, wasn’t put on trial, the war I called WWIII has continued. The design of the Soviet system was twofold consisting of two main parts: Socialist economy and the forces of the Security apparatus to safeguard it.

Though Socialism proved itself unable to improve humanity’s situation, the term has nonetheless been reincarnated by the Soviet Security Services. In writing about them, I use the term KGB. So, Socialism was dead, but the KGB began using the term Socialism to hide their dirty methods and tricks and continued fighting in many different fronts against civilization, destroying and killing globally in WWIII…

In fact, the collapse of the Soviet Union has not been interpreted correctly, as it was the collapse of the Socialist economy not the collapse of the entire Soviet System. The collapse itself, nevertheless, has changed a geopolitical landscape in the 21st century. Russia as leader of the Socialist Camp has lost its position, China grasped it. China and Russia belonged to the same Stalinist ideology and China continued moving in the same aggressive Russian direction in Africa and the Middle East. Just compare the Russia’s aggressive behavior in the 20th century and that of the Chinese in the 21st century—they are identical—both are the ideology of Socialism/Communism. Consider this—the Director of W.H.O. Tedros Adhanom was recruited by the KGB in the 1970-80s, today he is serving China.

The old Soviet conduct of disinformation, concealing, spying, steeling ideas, threatening, and intimidating, will be continued by China… To forecast China you have to know Russia and her Security apparatus, to predict Chinese actions, you have to know the character and nature of the Socialist/Communist ideology. Like Russian aggression in Georgia and Crimea, China will attack Hong Kong and Taiwan. The only difference is that China uses new technology more successfully. Both countries have an aggressive and expansionist war-crime regime. Read my columns in this magazine

Talking about Russian aggressive behavior, I am obliged to give you information I have. As a matter of fact, The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States, an independent, bipartisan commission created by congressional legislation and the signature of President George W. Bush in late 2002, is chartered to prepare a full and complete account of the circumstances surrounding the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, including preparedness for and the immediate response to the attacks. The Commission is also mandated to provide recommendations designed to guard against future attacks.

The 9/11 Commission failed to find the real organizers of the 9/11 attacks and prevent it in the future. I have the information that the handler and leader of the attacks, Mahammad Atta had a meeting with the KGB in Prague. Beside Atta ties to the Russian Chechnya, a fact that is giving me a complete picture of the design and the people who committed the attacks on 9/11. Russia had a close connection with Islamic militants, it was easy to put together 14 of them to make Saudi Arabia the guilty party, which is the usual KGB dirty manipulation of events in the world. The Atta meeting with the KGB in Prague is the Red Flag to understand the entire essence of the 9/11 attacks against the United States.

For thirty-five years I have been writing about this WWIII, an asymmetrical war with multiple fronts, waged by the ideology of Socialism/Communism against Western civilization and American capitalism. The time has come to expose the ideology of Socialism/Communism as a fraud-fallacy with a utopian concept. Marxism gave us the theory of Socialism/Communism with Socialism being the first phase and Communism as a second phase based on achievements of Socialism to create a classless Communist society. By confiscating private property and usurping all means of production by the Soviet government, Russia had established Socialism. It was born and practiced in Russia for seventy years and collapsed in Russia in 1991…

As you know, Socialism is a dead end ideology today. Therefore, Communism will never come and the Chinese Communist Party is a fraud, covering-up their war-crime regime of ‘Security’ apparatus by the ideological term. As in the events in Russia, it is Chinese Security apparatus that is running the country of China and waging WWIII against humanity. Covid-19 has been produced under the supervision of the Chinese Security apparatus, like HIV was in Russia. As in Russia, the ideology is becoming a disguise to camouflage the aggressive military forces of the Chinese Security apparatus fighting and poisoning humanity globally…

As leader of the Free World the United States is obliged to react accordingly. WWIII will never end until the ideology and regimes of Socialism/Communism are exposed globally and the war-criminal regimes prosecuted, and convicted! Otherwise, there will be another pandemic with Czar-virus to kill as many people as possible, especially in America—the leader of the Free World. Humanity is looking for you America, for your decisive and brave action against war-criminal regimes to save the world! In this Memorial Day, the U.S. must act in the sacred memory of Americans who sacrifice their lives for our Freedom!

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