FBI Investigated Trump Campaign Foreign Policy Adviser Walid Phares

This is a scandal along the same lines as the framing of General Michael Flynn. The investigation of Walid Phares was absolutely uncalled for. Every foreign policy adviser has relationships with people in other countries, especially in countries that are allied with the United States. This is yet more evidence that the FBI is irredeemably corrupt and thoroughly politicized after eight years of Obama. It should be shuttered, and a completely new intelligence agency established, if a new one is even needed given the fact that so many others already exist today.

“F.B.I. Once Investigated Trump Campaign Adviser’s Ties to Egypt,” by Adam Goldman and Michael S. Schmidt, New York Times, May 28, 2020

WASHINGTON — The F.B.I. and the special counsel’s office investigated whether a former Trump campaign adviser secretly worked for the Egyptian government to influence the incoming administration in the months before President Trump took office, according to several people familiar with the inquiry.

The former adviser, Walid Phares, was one of five Trump campaign aides investigated over their ties to foreign countries. Robert S. Mueller III took over the investigations after he was appointed special counsel in May 2017.

The decision to investigate Mr. Phares was based on highly classified information, the people said. Investigators examined the matter for months but ultimately brought no charges.

Though Mr. Mueller’s primary mandate was to examine Russia’s covert operation to sabotage the election and whether any Trump associates conspired, several Trump campaign advisers and transition team members elicited concerns at the F.B.I. because of their overseas contacts and the possibility that a variety of foreign governments might have been trying to secretly use the advisers to advance their agendas.

Mr. Phares declined to comment, as did a Justice Department spokeswoman….


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