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So Wuhan hit the United States and every public Mass was canceled. Every public Mass was canceled and anarchy broke out.

This is the beginning of what a world without God looks like. We say “beginning” because it is just that — beginning. The war is ramping up toward its final battle of this epoch. Time may flow in even strokes — seconds into minutes, minutes into hours and days, but history does not. There’s an expression: “There are decades in which nothing happens, and weeks in which decades happen.” And here we are, in the heat of such a moment.

And the great fear is that the Marxists marauding through both the streets and the halls of power understand the moment while namby-pamby conservatives and Catholic lightweights will not have the courage to rise to the moment.

The entire reason, in fact, the world has been brought to this moment in history is precisely because of mealy-mouthed conservatives and wimpy Catholics. Their weak-kneed response in the face of evil these past decades enabled and emboldened the evildoers and has pushed the nation to the brink.

But underlying the reality of all this is the simple reality that too many of the shepherds of the Church have joined the ranks of the Marxists. Their collective fall from grace has had a catastrophic impact on the Church. The Catholic Church was established by the Son of God to be the means of salvation, the only instrument men can employ to conquer evil.

Evil ultimately derives its power from the Demon and not a person on earth, not all of humanity collected together, can present any kind of match for the Demon. As St. John records for us in his Apocalypse: “But woe to you, earth and sea, for the Devil has come down to you in great fury, for he knows he has but a short time.”

But destruction of the Catholic Church has been the aim of the Demon since Pentecost — or even earlier — because the Demon knows the power and authority She has over him — an authority given to Her by the Savior who defeated him.

But the actual activity of the Demon, while originating supernaturally, plays out through human agents in the natural world. Order and peace are from God, so their opposites — disorder and war — are demonic in their origins.

One of the most effective ways the Demon has of presenting himself is as the Angel of Light — a perversion and deception of his original role as Lucifer — Light Bearer. In short, he makes things appear to be one thing when they are actually the other. The Prince of Darkness presenting as the Angel of Light is the mega-trend of diabolical activity. So when he comes, deceiving about wanting peace and unity and using human agents to advance his deception, he appears righteous and well-intentioned and even, shall we say, virtuous.

The Demon is the supreme virtue-signaler, which is why you see the method so often employed in the words and actions of his offspring here on earth, his human offspring spoken of in the Garden of Eden by God. Few, if any on the Left ever stand up publicly and say something like “evil must not win out.” No, they speak of peace and unity.

Take for example the Marxist gang in the media and their surrogates they interview non-stop. They accuse Trump of being a divider, with liberal after liberal saying he is destroying America with his politics of division. Even General Mattis, nicknamed Mad Dog, came out earlier this week and said he has never seen a president who so actively divides America as Donald Trump. But is that statement true? No, it’s not even close.

And we here at Church Militant have a great deal of experience in this area, being called dividers and accused of sewing division for personal gain — click bait, donations, whatever. The charge is ludicrous both in the case of us as well as President Trump.

First, the crowd always preaching “tolerance” is the first to ascribe dirty motives to actions of those on the right, be it theological or the political right. We get accused of doing what we do for money, ultimately. Trump gets accused of pandering to his base for votes. But the underlying assumption of the Marxist crowd is baseless. Neither we, nor Trump create or cause division. Each, in our own sphere, simply shines a light on the already pre-existing division that, actually in truth, was created by the Marxists to begin with. They react so violently because they are being called out for their actions, the fruits of their decades of deceit.

For example, a non-stop narrative of the Left is racism — white guilt and so forth — and further that America is ablaze because of a grassroots uprising. Well all of that is a lie deliberately meant to create division along racial lines. It was a race issue a half-century ago, but now it is nothing other than a class issue evidenced by the total lack of concern — or even a mention in the mainstream media— of the black cops who have been murdered by rioters.

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There are many black business owners whose life’s work has gone up in flames along with their businesses by the rioters.

Rioters, by the way — and let us distinguish between them and the peaceful protestors who are right to demand justice for George Floyd’s murder — are Marxist agitators who aren’t from the communities they are burning down. All across America, hundreds of police officers have been either killed, shot, attacked, injured or even run over, and many of those officers are black. So when it comes to the Marxism-inspired group Black Lives Matter, they should alter their signage to read “Some Black Lives Matter” — the ones that are useful to us creating division.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is neither grassroots nor American. It is partially funded by George Soros and the rest of the Left.

Have you noticed that overnight, all over the country, the exact same signs are in the crowds — same dimensions, same font size, same writing? From coast to coast, even all the shirts are the same. What a coincidence.

In Napa California, police confirmed that this week, 400 BLM activists were bused in, held their demonstration, hopped on their buses and went back to Marxist land. The same thing happened in Detroit, where the “mostly peaceful protestors” — as the Marxist left media keeps calling them — were arrested on orders from Detroit’s black police chief James Craig, who said he will not tolerate these out-of-towners stirring up riots.

So exactly who is causing all this division — the rioters in the streets as well as the spiritual rioters in the Church, or those who are pointing to the division and calling it out for what it is? There are essentially two Americas and two Catholic Churches. One in each realm is completely fake. Each of the fake ones wraps itself in supreme indignation — virtue-signaling off the charts, declaring moral superiority — which is the dead giveaway for which one is fake.

Imagine a Catholic archbishop being ticked off by this picture — a president of the United States, not Catholic, with his Catholic first lady, kneeling down and praying for the country. Yet that is exactly what happened as the homosexual archbishop of Washington, D.C. Wilton Gregory issued an incendiary statement against Trump, not to mention the Catholic first lady. How exactly is that not divisive?

The issue is simple: Just like Russia, Russia, Russia and then the impeachment and then the Wuhan all started making the Marxist agenda become much more clear, so too has the Marxist-inspired rioting and looting and attacks and killings of police officers all around the country. Calls from the lefties for unity are total BS.

The only unity they want — and they use violence to accomplish it — is the eradication of the United States as it was founded, because America and authentic American values are the last great stumbling block to their goal of world domination and a globalist agenda.

This division needs to be accentuated for the time being, because division is revealing the truth, and every last thing on earth must be in service to the truth. And that especially includes the lying, cheating, thieving shepherds we have right now.

EDITORS NOTE: This Church Militant video is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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