ANTIFA: The Network of Violent Criminal Revolutionaries

“You have a choice. There are two alternative futures for America.  In the launch at Cape Kennedy, you saw America leading the fourth industrial revolution, American capital, American workers, American made.  And late at night you saw what can happen breaking down to anarchy and racial division.  It’s law and order predicated upon a robust economy and this means American capital brought back to America to stop financing our enemies.” –  Steve Bannon

“What we witnessed in Ferguson, in Baltimore, and in Baton Rouge was a collapse of social order. So many of the actions of the Occupy movement and Black Lives Matter transcend peaceful protest and violates the code of conduct we rely on. I call it anarchy.” – David A. Clarke, Jr.

“The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God, and that there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence.” – John Adams, A Defense of the Constitutions of the Government of the United States of America, 1787

Professional criminal anarchists have hijacked legitimate protests against the death of George Floyd which is a result of approved Minneapolis police training.  We’re now dealing with the virus of Antifa and anarchy…far more dangerous than Covid-19.  The World Health Organization’s overblown death rates were promoted by Pence, Fauci and Birx, and cost American’s dearly.  Organized professional anarchists are now destroying property and lives, extending the misery and not enough is being done to stop them.  Attorney General Barr says the DOJ now has evidence that Antifa and other extremist groups are instigating the rioting.

Antifa is an international organization who is overtly authoritarian; if you don’t agree with them, you, your country, and your property should be smashed to bits.  They are not a domestic organization; it is an international network of people.  They have infiltrated governments, police departments and anti-hate groups who fund their violent actions around the world.  They have access to cash, to great legal resources, access to government officials and to media.

Antifa’s Joseph “Jose” Alcoff

Smash Racism DC organizer Jose Alcoff, aka Jose Martin and “Chepe,” is a radical communist and Antifa leader operating in the U.S.  He advocates for the violent overthrow of the government and for the murder of the rich and claims to have international involvement in left-wing movements.  The Tennessee Star wrote a brilliant expose on Martin in late 2018. He is a communist revolutionary out to destroy our capitalist society, and is regularly hosted by a variety of democratic politicians including Diane Feinstein, Tammy Baldwin, Don Bayer, and has been pictured alongside Ohio Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown and California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters.

Alcoff is pictured in the green shirt next to Maxine Waters.

What Antifa and their likeminded groups want is dictatorial totalitarian communism. Smash Racism DC is the Antifa group that protested in front of Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s house and berated Sen. Ted Cruz at a restaurant until he and his wife were forced to leave. It is only one of the Antifa leader’s radical left-wing projects.  “We have got to dispense with nonviolence,” he said as Chepe on Radio Dispatch in December 2016 during a discussion on how to approach those he perceives as fascists.

He has used his Jose Martin identity to make public appearances to promote socialism, once calling for a society without police. He may get his wish as Minneapolis council members aim to “dismantle” the police department and replace it with “a transformative new model for public safety.”  But his communist Chepe alias makes his Jose Martin identity seem moderate, using it to advocate for violence to achieve his goal of eliminating capitalism and the U.S. government.

It could be argued that the ideological distance between Antifa and the now-defunct National Socialist German Workers’ Party or Nazi Party, is so slight it can be measured in millimeters.  Antifa are the new SA paramilitary forces who carried out Kristallnacht or the Night of Broken Glass.

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas just released a shocking video exposing Antifa assault training.

Antifa views America and those who safeguard its free institutions as fundamentally illegitimate. advises activists to “build a culture of non-cooperation with law enforcement.” “If you have any intention of working with the police, FBI, or other agencies,” it continues, “or if you publicly condemn anti-fascists who break the law: don’t call yourself an anti-fascist.”

Managed Decline

Steve Bannon’s program on Newsmax is exemplary; you can find them archived at  Much of the following information comes from one of Bannon’s recent episodes.

Antifa violence is not about George Floyd; peaceful protests are legitimate.  Freedom of assembly is guaranteed in our constitution and is one of our most basic rights.  America is built on protests and peaceful protests are during daylight hours, evil hides in darkness.  The lockdown protests were always during the day.  Antifa operates at night.

Antifa protests are thoroughly coordinated and their people are highly trained.    They are professional revolutionaries and anarchists and their issue of the revolution is the revolution.  Black Bloc partners with them, and they are dedicated, disciplined, organized and well financed.  This is not the amateur division.  These groups are professional anarchists.  They are part of worldwide managed decline.

Managed decline looks like this:  The Lincoln Memorial and the WWII Memorial have been defaced by these so-called “peaceful protestors.”  They’ve burned St. John’s Church and they tried to burn the Hay Adams Hotel, named after Secretary of State to Lincoln during the Northern War of Aggression.  This is managed decline and it must be watched…Antifa is out to destroy this country, to destroy freedom, our founders and our way of life.  It is all planned, and these are the very same ilk who were destroying and burning after Martin Luther King was murdered and the Democratic Convention held in Chicago in 1968.  And yes, military force was used to quell the riots.

And on May 30th, the anarchists even destroyed the Santa Monica Music Center.

American Greatness or Anarchy

Bannon says we have a choice.  “We can have a new renaissance like Cape Canaveral.  That’s Elon Musk and Space X along with their partners in NASA.  That’s the future we want and need.”

“Or do you want Minneapolis on Friday and Saturday night?  Last Friday night we lost when the President of the United States went to the bunker.  That was a win for the anarchists.”

I agree with Bannon when he asks where the hell were the secret service, why the hell was this allowed to become this terrifying in America’s capitol?  The head of the Secret Service, of Homeland Security should be fired, people have to be held accountable.  They let the entire situation with these anarchists get totally out of control.

Antifa has been around for 20 years, they are in London, in Brazil, all over the world; they are well established.  They are very sophisticated, very organized and a very well-funded operation.  The communist organizing Action Network supports The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund.  The connection between Antifa and George Soros and the Open Society Foundations is being made.

Planned Destruction

Anarchists bring along aluminum baseball bats and should be immediately arrested because they are there to do property and personal damage and if they’re from out of town, that’s a federal offense.  The New York Police Dept. (NYPD) Deputy Commissioner for Intel and Counterterrorism, John Miller, said there is a high level of confidence within the NYPD that these unarmed groups had organized scouts, medics and supply routes of rocks, bottles and accelerants for groups to commit vandalism and violence.

There are strong indicators they planned in advance for violence using at times encrypted communication and one out of every seven arrested was from out of state.  Social media platforms are also used for organizing.  There are suitcases down alleyways and behind buildings which are filled with projectiles, medical equipment, and supplies for the anarchists.

The alleyway behind St. John’s Church was a staging area for the violence against the White House.  How could DC police not know that?  The graffiti on the wall behind St. John’s said, “Kill Cops,” a tenet of Black Lives Matter (BLM).  They also praised Fidel Castro, spitting in the face of Cubans who lost their lives, their family, their home because of this murderous dictator.

Dumpsters were set on fire and pushed into police lines.  Reporters from both left and right organizations were seeing all of this but not getting their heads around it. Antifa shows up with equipment, with communications.  They have strategies and when the 11 p.m. curfew struck, that’s when they started lighting fires.

NYPD has a highly efficient system against terrorism, but they’re falling down on the job with Antifa violence and destruction.  Law and order need to be held accountable for competence.

Antifa hijacked the peaceful protest issue and what they want is more police violence they can point to, but what often happens when police stand down, is that they end up getting hurt or killed themselves.  Antifa infiltrates and motivates the peaceful protestors to join them in throwing bricks through windows, writing graffiti on buildings, burning down stores and looting.  Their job is to recruit and embolden others.

Here is a list of small businesses already destroyed in the Twin cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Justine Damond, a Minneapolis white woman ran up to the police car of a black officer for help and he shot and killed her.  Mohammed Noor, an American Somali officer shot and killed Justine who had phoned the police for help.  There were no riots in Minneapolis when a black officer murders a white woman.  Noor is spending twelve years in prison.

Antifa Terrorism

When President Trump said he was going to declare Antifa as a terrorist organization, the mainstream media immediately said, “You can’t do that because they’re just domestic.”  That’s a lie.  They are worldwide and have been for 20 years.

When President Trump said he wanted to call out the National Guard, he was right, and 28 states have done so to protect their citizens from these violent haters of God and freedom.

Chicago 1968

Downtown Chicago during the Democratic Convention in August of 1968 was under military lockdown. At the time, I worked downtown and lived at the Playboy mansion on State Parkway. There was a 10 p.m. curfew.  The city was on fire.

Mayor Richard Daley had called out the National Guard. Fire Departments had called in all off-duty firemen. I watched the street from my girlfriend’s third floor apartment and saw tanks with armed soldiers moving down State and Division Streets.  Apartment buildings were boarded up and locked.  Managers told residents to keep their shades down, but we watched.  At the time, I was dating a fireman, Danny Moriarty, and he was working 24/7 extinguishing fires throughout our huge city, fires started by the same people who are again rampaging our country.  The destruction was massive.  I can still see it clearly in my mind’s eye…it was a watershed event.

Little Rock, Arkansas 1957

Can you imagine armed troops blocking you from going to school? That’s what happened in Little Rock, Arkansas in the fall of 1957. Governor Orval Faubus ordered the Arkansas National Guard to prevent black students from enrolling at the all-white Central High School.

The 1954 Supreme Court decision Brown v. Topeka made segregation in public schools illegal. Governor Faubus defied this decision. He also defied a 1955 ruling (Brown II). The 1955 decision ordered that public schools be desegregated with all deliberate speed.

President Eisenhower wanted to uphold the law, but he didn’t want bloodshed. He met with Governor Faubus who agreed to allow black Americans into the high school, but then he withdrew his promise.  Eisenhower had kept the National Guard at the school to enforce the order of integration.  When nine black children slipped into the school and enrolled, a full-scale riot erupted.  The Mayor of Little Rock appealed to the President for help.  Crowds formed outside the high school.

Eisenhower knew he had to act boldly. He placed the Arkansas National Guard under federal control and sent 1,000 U.S. Army paratroopers from the 101st Airborne Division to assist them in restoring order in Little Rock. The daring tactic worked and the black American students were enrolled without further violent disturbances. The law had been upheld, but Eisenhower was criticized both by those who felt he had not done enough to ensure civil rights for African Americans and those who believed he had gone too far in asserting federal power over the states.

Military Hierarchy

Our President is in much the same predicament today as previous presidents and has been excoriated by none other than former Secretary of Defense General James Mattis, former Chief of Staff General Kelly, former Joint Chiefs Chairman Mike Mullen, and former Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunsford.  Even his Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper has disparaged the president’s attempt to stop the carnage in American cities by using the military, which by the way, has been used twelve times before by previous presidents.

President Trump has extolled our military, and helped them in so many ways, and yet these top leaders abuse him for wanting to protect Americans from anarchist forces.

These military men should be willing to do anything to quell this violence, yet they damn our president.  Police in democratic held cities are told to stand down and let the violence and destruction happen despite the fact that 307 police officers have been injured, two have been killed and former police Captain was gunned down and killed in St. Louis when he tried to stop looters.


Washington DC Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowser had BLACK LIVES MATTER painted in huge yellow letters down 16th Street leading to the White House.

Other Americans’ lives apparently don’t matter to Bowser, and only some black lives matter because many are murdered in their mother’s wombs.

Bowser also renamed the plaza “Black Lives Matter” honoring the terrorist group.  The BLM movement needs to be exposed for what it is: a racist, violent hate group that promotes the execution of police officers. This is why they’ve joined with Antifa; both are anarchists.  Bowser also wants all National Guard troops out of DC leaving the White House unprotected.  She is kowtowing to anarchists.

Journalists are demanding the police protect them at the George Floyd protests, but apparently the rest of us don’t count.

In a recent article by Congressman Andy Biggs, he wrote, “The thin blue line tries to protect every person’s rights. They need to show force. They need to make arrests. They need the support of the National Guard. They need the support of political leaders.”

Senator Tom Cotton said, “If local politicians will not do their most basic job to protect our citizens, let’s see how these anarchists respond when the 101st Airborne is on the other side of the street.”

Our president is right, force is the only thing the anarchists understand.

Forget about gold and silver, buy lead.

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Hannity with James O’Keefe on ANTIFA.

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