Lecture Opportunities During Corona Times

Now, with less travel during corona times, I am offering to speak to your congregation or organization via Zoom. There is still so much to hear and learn about Israel, Islam and the Middle East especially at this time and I am available to speak via Zoom to your audience. I have partnered with Avi Abelow and his Pulse of Israel project to continue to make myself available to communities and organizations around the world.

Here is a recent lecture which I gave to the Bayit community in Toronto by Zoom:


A popular topic today is: The Coronavirus effect on the Arab and Islamic world.

See a list of more topics below.

If you are interested in reserving a speaking engagement with me, please let me know or contact Avi Abelow. avi@12tribefilms.org

Possible Topics:

Jewish Issues:

Jew-Hatred / Antisemitism: roots, causes and ways to deal with it
Israel and the Diaspora: the widening gap
Against All Odds – A miracle named Israel
The European Jewry – where to?
The situation of European and American Jewry – similarities and differences
The mass migration to Europe and the Jewish communities

Israeli Issues:

The Results of the 2019 General Elections
The Controversy in Israel over Judea, Samaria and Gaza
Right, Center and Left in Israel
Trump, Putin and the Middle East – What Can We Expect?
Israel at 72: Achievements and Challenges
Israel in a Changing Middle East – Challenges and Opportunities
Israel and the Palestinian Issue – Possible Solutions
The Middle East – where to?
Peace in the Middle East – What does it Need?

Understanding Arab and Muslim Culture

“The Arab Spring” – Why did it fail?
Tribalism in the Middle East and its influence on politics and state building.
Turkey – What went wrong?
What is the struggle over Jerusalem all about?
Why do many Muslims hate the West?
Understanding the Iranians – What motivates the Ayatollahs?
Hezbollah – Ideology, politics and modus operandi.
Hamas – Ideology, politics and modus operandi.
Islam – A culture in crisis.
Islam in Democratic State – The Islamic Movements in Israel.
Democracy in the Middle East – Opportunity or danger?
Islamic Radicalism – Causes, ideology and ways to face it.
Sunnis and Shi’is – Why do they hate each other so?
Islamic Women between Tradition and Modernity.
Palestinian Political Illustrations – Cartoons and messages.
The Right of Return in the Palestinian National Ethos.
Hizballah, Hamas, and Israel – Living with the enemy.
Clash of Values: Gender and Family Issues – Sources of tension between Islam and the West.
Arab Intellectuals – Where are they?
Arab Mass Media – their role in ME societies.
The Other Voice in the Arab World – My personal experience.

Lecture Subjects Concerning Military Intelligence:

Flawed intelligence assessments and mistaken policies resulting from cultural differences.
What motivates Arab states, societies and armies?
How to understand the Arab state media?
Major mistakes made by the Western coalition in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Lectures on Israeli domestic issues can also be considered.

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