Criminals are Now Destroying our Country

When historical monuments and buildings are vandalized; when citizens are killed and injured by various groups of criminals in the big cities of the country; and when one Party in the parliament is behind all of that, promising to defund the police, Vladimir Lenin called the predicament—a “revolutionary situation”. He was right—the 1917 Socialist Revolution in Russia followed that exact predicament very quickly. If you know modern history and its tragic result, the entire world has endured since—as Socialist regimes forcefully implemented Socialist mantra globally…

You witnessing a Socialist Revolution in America in your midst. Yes, that revolution is taking place now! We cannot remain complacent as our historical monuments are being demolished, with looting and arson in the streets of big cities bringing billions in damages. It is all about power over your life, to take away your freedom, your guns, and your lives if you do not bend the knee to their demands. I know how the Russian Socialist Revolution was manufactured by Socialist Charlatans in 1917 Russia and we are now experiencing in America a carbon copy of the events of a hundred years ago in Russia—Socialism has its patterns, regardless of nationality, ethnicity or race. A strong forceful response by the Republicans holding the levers of power is a must to stop these counter-revolutionary efforts, a thuggery by so-called Democrats fighting all American patriots and the system designed by our Founders.

Socialism is a lawless and criminal regime. Under Socialism criminals are taking over our passive population. I don’t need to give you my experience under Socialism, you can see it in Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago and other big cities in America. I have no words to describe my frustration and anger watching chaos in our cities and the mob demolishing our history and traditions to erase our culture and memory. The events at Lafayette square is a repetition of an earlier attempt to take over the White House in June 1, 2020, like the Winter Palace had been taken in 1917 Russia by the mob. The Democrats have placed themselves in the pockets of the looters and other criminals who create the “revolutionary situation” in America—it is insurrection, if not treason…

Lately, I deliberately introduced you to the term Socialist Charlatans, they are manufacturing Socialist Revolution in America. The entire leadership of the Democrat Party consists of the Progressive’s Socialist Charlatans using the methods and tactics of Russian Security apparatus. In writing about them, I use the term KGB. There are variety of gradations of Socialist Charlatans acting throughout the midst of the society to destroy our way of life: they occupied all strata of our society inculcating Americans in their fraudulent ideology, instigating violence. They are no longer small groups of infiltrators. No, they are now presenting themselves in large numbers. You are watching today an accumulation of the access of inculcation by the evil mindsets of Marxism, Socialism, and Communism in America…

Putin’s KGB within America’s Midst

Several months ago, I warned you that Antifa and “Black Lives Matter” are the product of the KGB and trained by them. The leader of the group has admitted: Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors said in a newly surfaced video from 2015 that she and her fellow organizers are “trained Marxists.” … BLM leader proclaimed: If change doesn’t happen, ‘we will burn down this system…’ Do you remember the International used by the Bolsheviks in Socialist Revolution in Russia? The words of the BLM leader are equal to words from the International: “We will destroy old world and build a new…” In fact, that ideology destroyed the USSR—the country collapsed economically in 1991 and the criminal agency the KGB took over…

A 2015 video clip has surfaced of an interview with Black Lives Matter founder Patrisse Cullors in which she assures her interviewer that the group has an underlying ideology, saying, “We’re trained Marxists.” Responding to the interviewer’s concern that the BLM movement might not have enough of a “clear ideological structure,” Cullors responded by saying that she and another co-founder “in particular” are dedicated to the ideology of Communist leader Karl Marx: “We actually do have an ideological frame. Myself and Alicia in particular, we’re trained organizers. We are trained Marxists. We are super versed on ideological theories.”

Please, read here my column; Slavery Has no Color: Karl Marx, Slavery, and Stalinist, Socialist Charlatans, June, 23, 2020

When another leader of BLM Hawk Newsome promises to burn the system and replace it with the new one, it is the real threat of counter-revolutionary forces, an insurrection to destroy the system designed and established by our Founding Fathers. A recent interview of the acting FBI Director shows that he is still not aware of the destructive forces that ideology stands for:

The FBI is “looking carefully” at the possibility that foreign actors are influencing the sometimes-violent nationwide protests in the wake of George Floyd’s in-custody death, FBI Director Christopher Wray exclusively told Fox News’ Bret Baier 

Wray also revealed that “the FBI has over 2,000 active investigations that trace back to the government in China,” marking “about a 1,300 percent increase in terms of economic espionage investigations with the Chinese nexus from about a decade ago.”

“We have certainly seen in the past a variety of foreign adversaries looking to amplify controversy in this country,” Wray said. “And they use state media. They use social media. Some of that is through propaganda, some of that’s through disinformation, some of that’s through just fake information. And we are looking carefully at the prospect of foreign influence or foreign interference in all of the protests and activities that have occurred over the last few weeks.” [Source: Fox News] FBI Drops Bombshell: Investigation Proves ‘Planned Destruction’ Of America, National Insiders’ June 25, 2020

This interview testifies to my two points, just look at the words which characterize the adversary’s activities: propaganda, disinformation, fake information, and protests—all of that are typical goings-on of the arsenal of KGB tactics. In addition to that China now joined the KGB. When the FBI Director doesn’t know history—History repeats itself. In order to save the American Constitutional Republic it is vitally to know the enemy and the enemy No. 1 is the current Democrat Party– a criminal cabal of Progressives’ Socialist Charlatans. Let me prove it.

 A Criminal Cabal of ‘Progressives’ – Socialist Charlatans

The infiltration into American society by the KGB’ forces began many decades ago. I’ll give you two examples to identify the time the infiltration began. The Windy City, Chicago, is currently a war zone, people are killing each other every day there for decades. Don’t be surprised a killing field in Chicago. I know one of the leaders in Chicago who is responsible for the killing—Rahm Emanuel, the Mayor of Chicago. I knew him when he was in Israel. He had a friendly relation with Yasser Arafat. To my knowledge the latter was recruited by the KGB in 1957—friendship with Arafat speaks for itself—Arafat initiated a war in the Middle East, it is still going on. Besides, Rahm Emanuel was a right hand of our first American Manchurian President, Bill Clinton, his chief of staff. Read here my column Revelation, April 26, 2018.

Yes, we are at war waged against Western civilization and American capitalism by the KGB and the forces of Marxism, Socialism, and Communism. The destruction of America is planned by our adversaries and the criminal cabal of the ‘Progressives’ Socialist Charlatans of the Democrat Party have been implementing it in America for many decades. You can find additional information on Rahm Emanuel in Israel. The second example is the State of Virginia.

If you read my books or columns you know that my work in the legal community of the USSR coincides with the tenue of the KGB Chairman Yuri Andropov. I knew him pretty well. It was Andropov’s idea to invent a “control opposition.” The KGB had practiced it in Russia for many years. It is very simple to achieve, just infiltrate the opposition with a couple of people, promote them to the leadership and program them to act in a way beneficial to you. That exact move to create White Nationalism was realized and implanted by the KGB in America. The result you saw in August 2017, in so-called Unite the Right, the violent white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Nazi slogans and violence at the march were manufactured in the best traditions of the KGB.  The BBC commented the following: “Aug 13, 2017 – The deadly violence on the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia, comes at a time of a dramatic rise in prominence of far-right movements in the US. The election of Donald Trump to the White House has been cited as a factor in the re-energizing of activists …”

It was clear to me that the entire event of violent white-supremacy was manufactured by the anti-Trump “criminal cabal” run by the Clinton/KGB mafia. Terry McAuliffe was governor of Virginia and his deal with McCabe is known in its monetary aspect. Yet, it was more than only that—McAuliffe was a Clinton long-term lieutenant.  This event is also known to the McAuliffe’s staff— staff involvement was needed, as the preparations to organize a “control opposition” takes time. For your information—this exact staff is working now under the new Governor of Virginia. Don’t be surprised by what is going on in Virginia 2020—people feel undefended and neglected there. If the case investigated professionally by DOJ, we can find McCabe in a link in a long chain of criminal activities within the Democrat Party.

I’ve been writing about Terry McAuliffe for many years. He was a prominent member of Clinton’s mafia, Socialist Charlatan, inculcating and corrupting everybody around in the State of Virginia for many years. Today, I saw him acting and speaking like a typical mafia apparatchik, lying, cheating, always harming the American interests, as designed by Andropov. A year ago, I reacted on the same protest in Charlottesville, writing the column, describing how it was orchestrated and enflamed by the members of the Clinton mafia, Terry McAuliffe, Governor of the state in cahoots with Andrew McCabe. I knew well the members of Clinton’s mafia and their cooperation with the KGB. While President Trump was signing an American spending bill for 1.3 trillion for the year 2017; I would say that half of the money was caused by the KGB’ criminal activities in cahoots with Socialist Charlatans. What a spectacular failure of our Intel!

Don’t be surprised by the media in America, it was recreated by the first American Manchurian President, including making the KGB’s political operative George Stephanopoulos a journalist. Today there are hundreds of them, poisoning America’s minds. Guard your minds America! Propaganda is insidious, deceiving you into believing its narrative. The anti-Trump crusade was begun by Russia and the KGB’s production of the Trump/Dossier under the second American Manchurian President, who was giving Aid and Comfort to the enemy. All of that was done to cover-up the crime committed by them—a real collusion, collaboration with the enemy for decades. This is the tide of the times. Read here my column The KGB: A Global Terrorist Agency, March 11, 2028

The second American Manchurian President doubled the infiltration of the ideology. Even further infiltrating the American Congress by the “Squad.” You saw the events pertaining to Rep. Ilhan Omar and Rep. Rashida Tlaib. They are using our freedom and liberty to subvert both, talking about White Nationalism as a threat to humanity. Just listening to their statements will convince you who you are dealing with—they are agitators advocating both Islamism and Marxism/Socialism to fight Capitalism. For your information the KGB feels free acting through them to take action in America and manufacturing another narrative to fight Capitalism, aiming at President Trump—now it is the White Supremacists.

President Trump is right: “White nationalism is not a rising threat to humanity.” Marxism/Socialism continues its threat to humanity! It is threatening the entire world as it has been spread by the KGB globally and especially to our country. Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch, is also right. It was: “Attack on our Republic….spying, coup, sedition, impeachment, ballot harvesting, open borders, looting, Antifastan secession and open, violent insurrection…”

My fellow Americans!

It is time to think seriously to save the country we have and prevent the repetition of Treason…

P.S. Here is Josef Stalin—a famous murderer of the 20th century in Russia.

To be continued and on

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  1. Bob
    Bob says:

    Look at the pattern, before the outbreak virus scare happened the prisons released the prisoners claiming it was due to the ‘virus,’ then Schwartz aka Soros sends in the same race-baiting protestors from ’16 in dem-run cities. Possible reason for this is the smear police and because crime rates are the lowest in the centuries–despite fear media claiming otherwise. Soros was a former Nazi youth, he made his money connected to the bank of England and British royals, from robbing his neighbors and sending them to the death camps by ratting them out. Soros is the biggest traitor of the German people, Hitler was a failure and the largest embarrassment to its history with the worst division in its existence until recently being free for only about 30 years.

  2. Christopher Lynn Skinner
    Christopher Lynn Skinner says:

    Radical right-wing charlatans for crooked rich people are just as equally bad. Like all the lies told by right-wing propagandists like Rush Limbaugh and crooked sly as a fox news. I don’t buy into all the nonsense perpetrated by either the far right or far left. Because both are very bad. Anytime simplistic minded dogma by simpletons goes overboard to extremes, it becomes harmful and detrimental to human societies.


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