LOST VIDEO FROM 1984: They Tried To Warn Us . . .

This short video below by End Times Productions titled “They Tried To Warn Us” was published on Jun 8, 2020 by killer boi on UGETube.

Please watch:

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  1. Mike
    Mike says:

    At 82 I have seen this unfold during my lifetime.

    America had better wake up. 240+years and America’s track record is a pretty good tease.

  2. CiCi
    CiCi says:

    I’m blown away by this video!
    We read 1984 in high school. I was obsessed with the Holocaust which led me to so many other books. As an educator, the 1990 school year was a wake up call bc curriculum began changing drastically; prayer was deleted from many programs; then after the Vatican II Council took place, there were many secular changes made in Catholic Church teaching. These changes had negative impact. In 2007, I began doing research during the presidential election campaign bc I so disliked Obama and couldn’t believe HOW he could even campaign, let alone get elected President; that is clearly explained in this video. Having watched the video, it’s quite clear what is happening in our world and the USA. I can only hope and pray that through the grace of GOD, our world will be saved.

    • Mary Leal
      Mary Leal says:

      Have Faith Trust in God all is Well November 3 2020 Our Grandkids Future Matters it’s weighing on Us to Vote For Trump 👍♥️

  3. Kevin Dixon
    Kevin Dixon says:

    Thank you so much for digging this out. I just got done having a conversation in which I described the creeping socialism of America. I have been saying for decades we have already become a socialist nation. The reasons are transparent and obvious. The promises of Mondale, and every generation to follow on the left have been hollow and the left has used “victimology” to create useful idiots.

    I started my business in 1984, while simultaneously acknowledging that same year that the leftism I had been taught my whole life was a lie. I have been railing against leftism ever since, as the caustic destructive lie that it is. I knew we were on a losing path, ever since, while trying to do business in an environment of ever growing government power, and global corporate elitism working hand in glove. What we are living in now is anti-free market, and can only be described in my mind as corporate fascism. Without economic opportunity at ever level of society, liberty cannot truly thrive. I only hope we can correct this without the damage I see coming if we are not more vocal. This video was so prescient. Thank you again.

    • Gini Smedley
      Gini Smedley says:

      This is terrifying. The handwriting is on the wall. It’s truly happening before our eyes. It’s not only the young people. But those that so hate Pres Trump they are believing this . And they won’t listen So sad. Keep praying America. I believe only the Lord can save this nation.

  4. Bill
    Bill says:

    Useful idiots will be killed if this ever comes to fruition. My step daughter went to UMass Amherst, the belly of the beast, and was taken with the teachings of a Professor Wolfe there. She gave me an ear bud and I listened for just a few moments as he spouted that people only need to earn so much and any more bad. I took off the ear bud and told her he’s a communist. She got mad and said no, he’s a socialist. I said you’re splitting hairs. I’m not sure her mindset has changed too much but she makes far more than she “needs” and I’m happy with her success despite caring for her 4 year old who is in a battle with leukemia. She is strong despite the attempts at indoctrination at the hands of a marxist “professor.” I still think she’ll vote for Biden if at all.
    Thank you for your video.

    RANGOON says:

    This is what you get with two generations of far left professors indoctrinating students. The students know nothing about history, economic and most importantly natural law. The real reason why the left is so anti second amendment is obvious.

  6. Judy
    Judy says:

    There was also a book titled “1984” which tried to warn us. We are too complacent to even listen anymore. What will it take? Too crazy to think about. Nazi Germany didn’t listen to the warning during the Third Reich and we saw what happened there. It couldn’t happen here. Oh yes it can unless we are drinking the kool-aid. Be aware!

  7. Dianne
    Dianne says:

    Excellent! Thank you for this video. I’m very fearful for the future as I have watched with great concern the influence of socialism and the inability for people to reason.
    It seems that this dire time should not be possible; yet, here we are.

  8. Ziporah Bank
    Ziporah Bank says:

    Unfortunetly every word is true gold. It’s happening right now as we’re speaking.
    Except, for the 1st time we have many new black voices that are telling the truth about this to the black comunity.
    If the black community in America hasn’t figured out by now, after 50 years of being just a football for the White Liberal – is there hope they ever will?
    I see a little hope they’re finaly starting to get it!
    G-D willing enough of the Black comunity in America will see that its Republicans and Trump that are their saving grace!
    They’re on their way with thinking for themselves. Hopefully it will catch fire!

  9. John C Mazzone
    John C Mazzone says:

    The cure for the corona virus which was man made in China will not be available until after the Nov election, with most of the people believing the garbage that the Democrat party will throw at them with free services of all kinds
    Our only choice is to take a wait and see attitude before acting accordingly.

  10. Displayguy
    Displayguy says:

    I don’t believe (most) conservatives want power at the expense of other peoples rights but it is obvious the liberals do. I have never understood why the liberals push their agenda with such passion – as the presentation pointed out, it will probably end badly for them too if they succeed. Are they just plain stupid?

  11. Karen Welch
    Karen Welch says:

    I have been telling my kids and different friends about this same thing. No one wants to hear the truth because it is upsetting. They have no idea how upsetting it will be to live like that. Thank you so much for this I am sharing it and am hopeful it will wake someone up.


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