Environmentalist Who Apologized for Climate Scare Rips Bernie-Biden Plan

Joe Biden has ruinous plans in store for workers, rate-payers and the environment.

Just ask former climate campaigner Michael Shellenberger, who recently apologized on behalf of environmentalists for the entire climate scare.

Marc Morano posted extensive details to CFACT’s Climate Depot.

According to Shellenberger, Biden’s radical climate plan:

  • Unscientifically blames climate change for flood, storm, & fire, damage
  • Would raise energy prices & increase unemployment
  • Would kill off nuclear, the largest source of clean energy
  • Would increase killing of bald eagles & whooping cranes

“What you’re proposing, @AOC @JohnKerry @JoeBiden @BernieSanders is extremely radical, terrible for workers, and terrible for the environment. And we tried it already. Before the Green New Deal, I helped create the New Apollo Project. It was a disaster,” Shellenberger explained.

In short, Shellenberger reveals that Joe Biden has morphed from moderate to radical on energy and the environment, and has turned over his environmental portfolio to the anti-energy Left.

That’s why extreme efforts are underway to censor and silence Shellenberger, CFACT, and anyone who presents the facts that disprove climate dogma.

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