‘The Violent Riots Are A Myth,’ Says Rep. Nadler As Antifa Sets Fire To Congressional Hearing Room

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Representative Jerry Nadler continued to insist that the violent riots across the country are “a myth” in a hearing today, even as Antifa rioters stormed the Capitol Building and set fire to the very room where Nadler was testifying.

Nadler continued to insist that the violence of the rioters was totally fabricated as the room was trashed, vandalized, and set on fire by a violent Antifa mob.

“The violent riots are a myth,” he said as he ducked to avoid getting hit in the face with a brick. “It’s just totally wacko to think that there are violent protesters in this country. They are moms, they are schoolteachers, they are veterans, they are mayors. They are not throwing Molotov cocktails or anything crazy like that.”

“Look out, Jerry!” cried another congressperson as a Molotov cocktail flew toward his face. “You’re gonna catch fire!”

“Nonsense,” Nadler said, waving him off as his clothes and hair ignited. “The Republicans just want you to think that the riots are real so Trump will look good. It’s all a conspiracy.”

“It’s a myth. You are not seeing what you are seeing,” he concluded in an epic clapback to Attorney General Barr, though Barr and everyone else had already fled the room and Nadler was the only one left sitting in the flaming ruins of the hearing room. “These Republicans are deluded.”


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EDITORS NOTE: This political satire by The Babylon Bee is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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