VIDEO: Trump is Right to Suspect Voter Fraud

President Trump was right when he tweeted out the dangers of mail-in ballots on Friday morning. As usual, he triggered the left-stream media – and for good cause.

In my column from The Epoch Times this morning, I explain why mail-in ballots are not the same as absentee ballots (a canard the media loves to repeat). But even more importantly, I sketch out additional vulnerabilities of our election system that I expose in my new book, The Election Heist.

If you haven’t done so already, make sure you pre-order the book from Amazon. Otherwise, they are guaranteed to run out on August 11, the day the book will be released (and shipped to everyone who has pre-ordered it).

Amazon has a track record of ordering just enough books from conservative authors to cover the initial demand – unless they are flooded with hundreds or thousands of pre-orders. So make sure you reserve your copy today.

I am very worried about November. The Election Heist lays out what I am convinced will be the Democrats’ playbook to steal the election. It includes Antifa rioting, widespread challenges to the election results, and nation-wide protests.

An educated public can prevent the theft of our democracy. Learn about the Democrats playbook – and enjoy a great read – with The Election Heist.

WATCH my interview with NewsmaxTV host Chris Salcedo. My segment starts at 20’30” into the show.

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