K.W. Miller Congressional Committee (FL-18) Issues Legal Notice to TC Palm Newspaper for Printing False and Defamatory Information

STUART, Fla./PRNewswire/ — KW Miller, the high profile Conservative Republican Congressional Candidate running for office in Florida’s 18th Congressional District issues legal notice to TC Palm and demands prompt retraction of false and defamatory statements.

The KW Miller Congressional Committee has given TC Palm management twenty-four (24) hours to retract their false and defamatory statements about Mr. Miller. The printed statements are a blatant attempt to disparage Mr. Miller and torturously interfere with a Federal Congressional Campaign by TC Palm management and will not be tolerated.

The KW Miller Congressional Committee makes clear the following facts:

  • KW Miller is a Registered Republican voter;

  • KW Miller does not race bait. Mr. Miller’s Congressional Twitter account was hacked and when discovered by the external media team, security measures were put in place;

  • KW Miller does not engage in “Conspiracy Theories.” Mr. Miller is well known for his dedication to stopping the criminal syndicates running “Child Sex Trafficking” and “Pedophilia” in the USA. Over 300,000 children are sex trafficked annually in the USA alone.

  • KW Miller ran a large-scale Sting Operation on Twitter with a sophisticated International Media team to expose the criminal activities that to go unabated on numerous social media platforms; https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/conservative-congressional-candidate-conducts-massive-sting-operation-on-leftist-run-media-companies-protecting-pedophiles-301109114.html

  • KW Miller founded the Florida Military Veterans Support Group. They are focused on protecting our military veterans and senior citizens suffering from chronic intractable pain (CIP) and preventing suicide. https://www.facebook.com/ProtectingOurVeterans/

  • KW Miller is a senior international energy and infrastructure executive. He is focused on many issues in Florida’s 18th District and Nationally, including and most importantly the Water Quality, Environmental Issues, Healthcare, Veteran Suicide and Human Trafficking, among many others.

About KW Miller

KW Miller is a true Conservative and a Registered Republican Voter. Florida 18th Congressional District is a critical “Pivot” district in the swing State of Florida. KW is on the November General Election ballot because he has the support of both Independent and Republican voters. The Oath of Office to Defend the Constitution are not flexible, nor open to interpretation. It is time for a true Conservative Republican KW Miller to represent the 18th District in Congress.

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