What do the Letters in the word Democrat Really Stand For?

The Democrat Party is no long the party of JFK. It is now the party of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Video: Democrats – The Party of ‘Unity’ and ‘Empathy’? When ‘unity’ and ‘empathy’ maim and destroy. 

After watching some of the speakers at the DNC National Convention I began to ask myself: What do Democrats really believe in? I decided to simply link pronouns to each letter of the word DEMOCRAT to try to express their policies, politics, view of American and the world.

What do the letters in the word DEMOCRAT really stand for? Here is my take on the word DEMOCRAT:

D = Decadent, Demagogues, Destroyers, Delusional, Demonic, Demented, Destructive.

E = Emotional, Enivro-Nazis, Elitist, Evil.

M = Maternalistic, Materialistic, Maim, Mad, Mean, Mayhem, Hate MAGA.

O = Outraged, Outrageous, Oh My God, OMG.

C = Crazy, Cantankerous, Communist.

R = Remove “Under God” from the Pledge of Alliegance, Ranting, Rioters, Raving Mad, UnReasonable.

A = Antifa, Angry, Agitated, Anti-American, Anti-Anyone who disagrees with them, Abortionists.

T = Terrible, Taunting, Trotskyites, Terrorists.

If you would like to add your own pronouns and thoughts please do in the comment section of this article.

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