Levi Strauss Supports Radical Transgender Ideology

The clothing retailer Levi Strauss (1.00) recently stepped up its one-sided political activism when it filed an amicus brief with the Eleventh Circuit Court in favor of a gender-confused teenager denied access to the men’s restroom. Drew Adams is a girl who identifies as a boy, and when her high school in St. Johns County Florida said she must use the girls’ bathroom or a single-stall one, Adams sued and won. The ruling of the lower court that sided with Adams was recently upheld by an appeals court after corporations like Levi’s supported Adams’ Title IX discrimination claim.

Levi’s open celebration of Adams’ high school being forced to submit to a liberal gender ideology shows the company values social justice politics more than their customers’ safety and comfort. Teenager girls should not have to face males in their restrooms, locker rooms, or sports teams, but that’s where Levi wants our culture to go. They’re also adding to children’s confusion about their gender.

Taking such a blatantly left-wing point of view will only isolate Levi’s from their conservative customers and middle-of-the-road parents who are concerned about the kids’ safety. Levi’s clear support for teens who have tried to change their gender will also influence more children to take this unhealthy path.

In 2016, girls like Adams accounted for 46% of sex reassignment surgeries in the U.S. Only one year later, that number spiked to 70%. Levi’s normalizing of transgenderism is unlikely to lead to a decrease in this trend. All of this should be more than enough reasoning for 2ndVote shoppers to patronize businesses that prioritize customer service over politics.

Eddie Baur 3.00, Carhartt 3.00, Anthropologie 2.43, and Tommy Hilfiger 3.00 have demonstrated how much they value their customers by taking a neutral approach to politics. Let Levi’s know they should follow these company’s examples and stop fueling children’s insecurities about their gender.

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EDITORS NOTE: This 2ndVote column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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