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This Newsletter’s Articles, by Topic

COVID-19: Therapies

Questions for Dr. Fauci

13 HCQ studies of early treatment: ALL were positive

How Democrats’ Trump Derangement Syndrome is literally killing people

Well-Respected Researcher: Consider Triple Therapy for COVID-19

Doctor: HCQ works in high-risk patients, and saying otherwise is dangerous

The Treatment That Could Crush COVID-19

Trump announces emergency authorization of plasma COVID-19 treatment

COVID-19: Prevention

COVID Immune Responses Explained

‘AeroNabs’ Promise Powerful, Inhalable Protection Against COVID-19

RNA vaccines: a novel technology to prevent and treat disease

Vaccine Not an Elixir for COVID-19

A Third Of Americans Unwilling To Get COVID-19 Vaccine

Russia’s Health Ministry approves world’s first COVID-19 vaccine

COVID-19: Models and Data

CDC data: To date 2020 has the lowest weekly death rate in a decade

Report: Lasting immunity seen after mild COVID-19 infection

Dying to Go to School

COVID-19: Misc

Executive Orders Addressing COVID-19 Explained 

Study: A Deadly Coronavirus Was Inevitable. Why Was No One Ready?

Sweden: No Lockdowns, Low Deaths & Minimal Economic Damage

Short video: People Have No Idea What’s Coming!

Report: A Synthesis of Discovery about COVID-19 in the US

Greed Energy Economics

The Wind PTC FAQ

Time For Wind Industry to Fly The Nest

Wind, solar sectors no longer need subsidies

Democrats Drop Demand To End Fossil Fuel Subsidies From Party Platform

Bernie scolds Musk for taking subsidies Sanders made possible

Labor Unions Reject RGGI

Massachusetts 7 Years of Green Energy Disaster Was Greed

Renewable Energy Health and Eco-system Consequences

The staggering human costs of “renewable” energy

Chemours to stop remaining GenX chemical pollution

Renewable energy corps fight endangered species status for Joshua trees

Australians win historic legal battle against turbines ‘too close to homes

Wind Energy

Wind generation falls over 40% in July: blames low wind speed

So Many Problems – So Many Simple and Effective Solutions

China Dominates the Rare Earths Supply Chain

Chinese-owned Texas wind project threatens power grid and military base

Nuclear Energy

The inconvenient truth: We need nuclear

Nuclear to Replace Wind and Solar

Don’t let China steal the global nuclear-power industry

The Power Hungry Podcast on SMRs

Natural Gas Energy

Alex Epstein: Fracking talking Points to Joe Biden

Trump vs Biden: Deep Split Over Future Of US Shale Gas

Harris: There’s no question I’m in favor of banning fracking

Harris’s Fracking Record Scares Big Oil But Attracts the Left

Q&A with Penn State scientist whose work led to the shale gas boom

The Trump-Admin Reforms Obama’s Misguided Methane-Emissions Rule

Energy independence boosted as ANWR cleared for clean, safe drilling

China To Expand Its Influence In The Middle East With Major Oil Deal

Fossil Fuel Myths Used to Hinder Pipeline Development

Misc Energy

Biden’s Climate Plan Would Put Us On The Road To Serfdom

John Stossel: The world needs more juice

China is the Enemy and Renewables Mean Dependency on China

New Book: Just Green Electricity

Enough legal games — we need to unleash American energy

Clean coal: the commonsense answer to Africa’s energy crisis

In CAISO Emergency Break Glass

Carbon Madness as Joe Biden Buys into Spending Trillions

Report: DOE Clean Coal & Carbon Mgmt Office, Strategic Vision 2020-2024

Inside the Baltic energy rift

President Trump Most Free Market Oriented Energy Leader History


What Is The Cause Of The Recent Power Blackouts In California?

Democrats Promise to Bring California-Style Blackouts to Everyone

California Governor: Time to ‘Sober Up’ About Green-Energy’s Limitations

Green California has the nation’s worst power grid

Study Calls for Ban on Gas Appliances, Misleads Californians

Short video: California Scapegoating

Why California’s Climate Policies Are Causing Electricity Blackouts

Manmade Global Warming: Some Deceptions

Biden’s Climate Plan Would Put Us On The Road To Serfdom

How Climate Alarmism Hijacked Environmentalism

Global Warmists Go Disney

Why CO2 Can’t Warm the Planet

Short Video: Climate Fraud

Emergent constraints on TCR and ECS from historical warming in models

Green New Deal disruption and destruction

Cascading fallacies in climate risk assessment

Manmade Global Warming: Misc

COVID and Climate Policy Following the Same Playbook

Amid COVID-19, Americans Don’t Care About Climate Change Anymore

‘Believing the science’ on climate change doesn’t mean any policy goes

Club of Rome: Planetary Emergency Plan

Large Increase In Sunshine Hours Likely Behind Warming

Cold-weather accounts for almost all temperature-related deaths

Exact climate data from the past

Surprising pulses of ancient warming found in Antarctic ice samples

US Politics and Socialism

Short video: The Plan is to Create Unending Misery

Yes, This is a Revolution

Archive: The Civil War is Here
Harris is to the Left of Sanders

Tucker Carlson: Media go all-in on mailbox conspiracy

Progressives Continue to Downplay Their Movement’s Racist Past

BLM Artwork

AOC speaks at DNC on social issues

Short video: We are the victims of the greatest crime in history

Other US Politics and Related

The Eight Stages of the Rise and Fall of Civilizations

Executive Orders Addressing COVID-19 Explained

What is George Will’s Problem?

The Spies Who Hijacked America

I’m a Black Republican, running for office, and here’s why

Media Ignores Pro-Trump Boat Parade Phenomenon Sweeping the Nation

Corrupt FBI Attorney Who Falsified Documents, Pleads Guilty

Unpacking the Bannon Indictment

American soldiers leave Germany — and suddenly Germany is upset


Franklin Graham: Only God Can Save Us From Socialists & Communists

‘Creation Care’ Means Controlling People, Not the Environment

Video: If We Don’t Fight, No One Will

Christian activist in Hong Kong arrested under national security law

Nevada Governor Fines Church For Holding Service In Opened Casino

Education Related

Short video: It’s Time to Grow Up

College Reform: Build Lifeboats to Escape the Sinking Ship

Colleges: ‘The Public Be Damned’

Libraries Are Indoctrinating Kids To Think All White People Are Racists

Parents Win against Politicians, Media, and Unions on School Openings

Science and Misc Matters

The Lazy Man’s Way to Avoid Grappling with an Argument

Computer Modeling – Flying Blind By Dead Reckoning

Dr. Curry: Cancel culture discussion thread II

Videos of the recent worthwhile DDP meeting talks

A mad rush for the exits as NYC goes down the tubes

NYC is Dead Forever — and Here’s Why

NASA Is Tracking a Vast, Growing Anomaly in Earth’s Magnetic Field

Breakthrough technology purifies water using the power of sunlight

Is Indigenous “elder wisdom” Equivalent to the Western Scientific Method?

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