VIDEO: Jews Proudly Leaving the Democrat Party

In an American Thinker column titled Like trapped rats, Democrats and other leftists are starting to get nervous Andrea Widburg reports:

As I began writing tonight, I had a lot of tabs open.  Shall I write about the racist attack The Nation launched against black Trump-supporters?  Or should I write about Nancy Pelosi’s suddenly announcing that Biden shouldn’t demean himself by debating Trump?  And what about the Democrats who are openly admitting that Trump is running the better campaign?  And then there are the Jews proudly leaving the Democrat party — what about them?

As I contemplated three or four separate posts, one for each question, I realized that they are all actually the same post: Democrats are realizing that Biden’s early poll numbers were misleading and that Trump may well win.  Some respond like trapped rats with viciousness or frantic manipulations.  Others are feeling something akin to relief.  No matter the response, they’re recognizing the real possibility that Biden almost certainly won’t make it across the finish line.

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