WATCH THIS 1969 VIDEO: ‘Color, Communism and Common Sense’

RELATED VIDEO: Manning Johnson’s Farewell Address.

A message from a former member of the U.S. Communist Party and author of “Color, Communism, and Common Sense.”

From the LP, back cover:

Has the NAACP helped the American Negro, or hindered him?

Whose assignment is it to downgrade a Negro community into a “ghetto,” and to see that it remains a “ghetto”?

What did the U.S. Supreme Court do to the lives of more than 130,000 qualified Negro teachers in the South?

What did the Communists do, in 1928, to insure today’s “civil rights” insurrection?

Who really started church segregation in the South?

These and many other provocative questions are superbly answered in this probing and abundantly documented speech by a God-serving and patriotic American Negro who was enticed into Communism with Utopian promises, who worked his way up to the high echelons of the conspiracy, then suddenly and dramatically saw through the blandishments. That was the day Manning Johnson faced the jolting realization that he was being used as an activist in the plot to destroy his native land. When the fever of managed news and manipulated mass communications has burned itself out, and truth once again shines on the avenues of information, Manning Johnson’s name will loom large and gloriously in the list of American Negroes of whom all Americans can be proud. In the minds of many, a veil of mystery obscures the true circumstances of Manning Johnson’s death. Was he cleverly liquidated by subversive elements, or did he die of natural causes? That question, too, is answered in the introduction to this final speech of Manning Johnson.


KEY RECORDS gratefully acknowledges the valued assistance of Mr. J.C. Wittman of Seattle, Washington, and Mr. James Horne of Kirkland, Washington, for their volunteer assistance in helping to assemble the elements of this project. Special thanks go to Helen Wood Birnie, close friend and associate of Manning Johnson, and to the Coroner’s Office of San Bernardino County, California, for cooperation in separating rumors from facts in the matter of Manning Johnson’s death. Camp Constitution is an all volunteer association of Americanists. We run a week-long family camp, man information tables at various venues, have a book publishing arm, and post videos from our camp and others that we think are of importance.

Royalties on this album are paid semi-annually to the Manning Johnson Scholarship Fund, which provides higher education opportunities to deserving young American Negro men and women. Recorded under non-professional conditions, in a church, this album is hardly a highlight in hi-fi history. You’ll hear some babies crying here and there in the background. An occasional vehicle may be heard passing outside. There’s even some public address system “feedback.” But there’s a wealth of organic truth to offset any mechanical shortcomings. And we give it to you exactly as it happened.

©All rights reserved.

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  1. Margarita Matlis
    Margarita Matlis says:

    I wish he were alive today. As a hispanic myself, I see hispanics being seduced as well by the marxist so called liberal so called progressive democrats. They teach hispanics in Spanish when they are in primary school, the most eager to learn ages in any child. This way hispanics will not be able to compete with other students since their English will not be good enough. This way they keep hispanics enslaved as well.
    I have been watching this process for so long. Maybe with president Trump people are going to wake up? I hope so. What democrats are doing to minorities is a crime.

  2. Dave Sheldon
    Dave Sheldon says:

    This was a very smart, honest man. Wish he was still with us….but thank God for Thomas Sowell as well, another super smart and honest man!

  3. Rebecca Setliff
    Rebecca Setliff says:

    Mr. Johnson is a brilliant man. I wish he was here today. It’s unnerving that a lot of what he spoke about then is happening currently. We do have strong men like Thomas Sowell and Shelby Steele. God Bless America


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