VIDEO: Spiritual Battle for America – Vote 2020 – Christians MUST Vote!

Tom Trento at the Spacecoast Dinner Event PRESENTED: Spiritual Battle for America – Vote 2020 – Christians MUST Vote!

Every legal citizen in these United States has a moral obligation to vote. Our founding fathers gave us a Constitutional Republic and it is our responsibility to vote our elected politicians, in and out of office, when they do and don’t represent one’s values. To deny that responsibility, many people view it as a sin.

God gave each of us the glorious gift of ‘Free Will’.

For any of us to not exercise our free will voting for those tasked with representing us, is a dangerous proposition. It is a dangerous proposition when two candidates are polar opposites in how they will govern and you sit on the sidelines forsaking your free will.

Joe Biden is a Marxist. Marxism at its core transforms the State into the countries religion. If you follow Judeo Christian principles then a Marxist becomes your political adversary because Marxism and Religious Freedom are incompatible. Conclusion: Christians, you have a moral obligation to vote in the protection of your faith while living here in the United States of America.

I’m casting my vote for President Trump in November.

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