INVESTIGATIVE REPORT: The Science Behind Why Face Masks Don’t Work. [Video]


Thanks to One America News, a new study from UCLA and Stanford University finds for the average 50-64-year-old, the chances of dying of Covid are one in 19.1 million, and the chances of contracting Covid are much lower than previously thought.  People are vastly overestimating their chances of being infected and going to the hospital, especially here in America.

The average person in an average county has a one in 3,836 chance of contracting Covid and that’s without wearing a mask or doing any of the unscientific, high school science project of social distancing.  Even the odds of being hospitalized are vanishingly small even in the “at risk” category.  The chances of getting the virus and needing hospitalization are one in 852,000.  These figures were from May, when the deaths were 16 times higher than they were last week.

Truth in Media’s Ben Swann released the following video titled “The science behind why face masks don’t work.

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  1. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    Some of the studies whose text is shown in the video did not claim to examine wearing a mask against not wearing a mask, but instead evaluated the effectiveness of the using a mask with a respirator vs using masks without a respirator. Using of such studies in the video’s context is the rational fallacy of equivocation, and is dishonest.

    • SRQ Tad
      SRQ Tad says:

      Andrew… I think you’re misreading… It’s not “with” or “without” respirators…

      The studies compared the relative effectiveness, against virus transmission, between N95 respirators and surgical masks, finding no significant difference.

      Then we see the one that goes on to say that the surgical masks have little to no effectiveness against viral transmission…

      So… N95 respirators are no more effective than surgical masks and surgical masks are not effective against viral transmission…

      Then there’s the cloth masks… At best they do absolutely NOTHING against a virus and, in fact, increase the risk of infection.

      • Andrew
        Andrew says:

        1. Surgical masks don’t include respirators, N95 masks do, so the comparison was indeed between masks with and without respirators. 2. The reasoning which is now presented in your reply, though more accurate, is still different than what is stated in the video. The goal posts have been moved, but I’ll respond to the new argument, because it remains fallacious. 3. Reasoning as you have now done, there is no longer study upon study which says (surgical) masks are not effective against flu transmission when worn properly, but only the one review is presented. Additionally, that review itself indicated that the groups which were assigned to wear the masks often failed to wear them as directed. So, to say that masks are not IN PRACTICE effective (due to the difficulty of proper use in every day life) is quite different than saying that the masks are themselves ineffective. Conflating the two assertions is again the rational fallacy of equivocation and invalid. A number of studies each confirming that sugical masks are actually ineffective for reducing flu transmission WHILE SUCCESSFULLY ADHERING TO THE PRESCRIBED PROTOCOL for wearing them is what is needed before making the assertion that “masks don’t work.” Apart from that, the assertion should be changed to something more like “people’s daily habits render mask wearing ineffective and even counter productive.” I look forward to a video presenting evidence appropriate for the claim being made, but suspect such evidences will not be found
        4. No studies were presented in the video or the reply regarding cloth masks, but I do not dispute their use is counter productive because I am aware of at least one study thus far indicating cloth masks aerosolize moisture droplets.

  2. John N Byrd
    John N Byrd says:

    We are getting mixed messages about those people who test positive for COVID-19 and are asymptomatic not being contagious. If true, it seems as if this would be a game changer for getting kids back in school. What are your thoughts?

  3. Val
    Val says:

    There are more than 130 peer-reviewed studies available out there which state that masks are not only ineffective, but harmful for people to wear, causing hypoxia and other problems including CO2 saturation, impacting the immune system. It’s not about masks … it’s about control and manipulation through coercion to supplement power over the population. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out, especially if you know all the actual facts, history and collusion that is behind this narrative. Frankly, most people are uninformed about anything and sometimes stupid on top of that, and they are used to rolling over for perceived authority. Disease themes have been used for a century to manipulate populations and establish control paradigms and tyranny. Study history. It’s there.

  4. irish
    irish says:

    its obvious face diapers are useless. covering the entrance to the immune system,the mouth and nose ,is the height of stpidity. meanwhile, the skin,eyes,ears ,clothes etc are exposed to this ghost virus. logical thinking is absent in those who promote this idiocy and in those who follow it

    • Dr. Rich Swier
      Dr. Rich Swier says:

      The issue is that no face mask can stop this virus. This is the 4th pandemic I have lived thru. This is the first and only time a virus has been so politicized. COVID is 90% political and 10% virus!


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