FLORIDA: Fighting Back Against Democrat Destruction in the Sunshine State

In Polk County, Florida conservative Republicans have placed more than 8,000 Trump yard signs and constructed 90 –  4′ X 8″ Trump Billboards on private property.   Many of the yard signs have been stolen and so far 6 Billboards have been vandalized by leftist Democrats who can’t stand us for demonstrating  our 1st Amendment rights.  None of the very few Biden signs around have been touched.

The photos show how Winter Haven 912ers and the construction “crew” from the Lake Ashton Republican Club fight back.

The right side is building back up what the left side tears down.

Note the limited vocabulary of the left which goes along with their IQ displayed when they give us their 1 finger insult.

The great news is that our Flag Waves generate far more honks and thumbs up and that it is obvious the hard working, tax paying law abiding citizens of Polk County are pro-Trump!

©Royal Brown, III. All rights reserved.

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