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Since early voting has started in some states, and since this Presidential election is of extraordinary importance, this is a special Newsletter on just that one topic.

For over a decade now, together we have made significant impacts with energy, environmental and educational matters. Thank you for being a loyal contributor to this well-educated, open-minded community of 10,000+ members.

The upcoming US federal election is of colossal importance to our future, our financial welfare, our national security, and our freedoms.  Considering the disappointing state of the once proud field of journalism, it has become difficult to make informed election decisions based on issues rather than personalities.

As always, my aim is to separate the wheat from the chaff: i.e. to provide readers a better understanding of the choices than they would get from mainstream media.

Put a different way, here are Five Ways the Election Will Determine the New Normal. This is another point of comparison: Trump vs. Democrats on Higher Education.

Since there has been very little media reporting about what the President has actually done regarding policy, etc., carefully read through this detailed list.

A good question is: can a committed Christian support President Trump?

Please watch this: Nothing is More Important Than God. Read this insightful correspondence: Archbishop Viganò’s powerful letter to President Trump Lastly here is a detailed, thoughtful answer, plus a letter to a Christian friend.

Regarding the COVID-19 matter, please seriously consider the following:

1 – Like any President would, Mr. Trump expected that the World Health Organization (WHO) would provide timely, helpful COVID-19 assistance. They not only did not do that, WHO was exposed as being politically driven. To his credit, he subsequently responded like no other President would have.

2 – Also like any President would, Mr. Trump relied on the advice of a recommended scientific person, Dr. Fauci. It later became clear that Dr. Fauci was part of the problem, and that (regrettably) he did not provide the President (or the country) with optimum advice (e.g. see this fine letter).

3 – Unlike any other President would have, Mr. Trump shared inside information he was receiving about likely beneficial therapeutics (esp HCQ) for citizens inflicted with COVID-19. Instead of this being treated as a helpful consideration, the press continually attacked him. The scientific studies to date (ignored by the media) have shown that his suggestion was sound.

4 – To see what Democrat leaders would have done if they were in charge, simply look at large states with Democrat governors — e.g. New York and California. They have been pandemic disasters (e.g. see here).

The bottom line is that the President has done a very reasonable job in dealing with a unique and unprecedented global challenge, where even top experts disagree (to this day!) about what the best courses of action are.


Please consider: The Real Reason They Want You To Hate Donald Trump.

Finally: citizens need to see the Big Picture of what is going on. China (and Russia) are not our friends. They are working aggressively to take America down. The President has stood up to them like no other President in recent memory.

Turn off the fake news. Don’t listen to the dividers and the haters. Instead turn on to supporting God and America, pray for us, and vote responsibly!

P.S. — In addition to praying for our country, please pass this onto any open-minded associates you have.

Thank You and God Bless America!

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