VIDEO: Fr. James Altman — You cannot be Catholic and a Democrat. Period!

Alpha News MN published the following commentary and below video by Fr. James Altman titled ““You cannot be Catholic and a Democrat. Period!”

Father James Altman calls out the hypocrisies of Church hierarchy and their destructive leftist politicization of the Catholic Church that has slapped faithful Catholics in the face and led many others astray. Altman also explains the basis of human nature and our purpose in life. Video produced by filmmaker Rebecca Brannon.

In a American Life League column titled Speaking Truth Crushes Evil Judie Brown wrote:

Fr. James Altman, pastor of St. James the Less in La Crosse, Wisconsin, has become a national hero to many. He has even been called the modern Elijah. Catholics who have heard his 10-minute homily entitled “You Cannot Be Catholic and a Democrat. Period” are elated with his words of truth, not to mention his courage in uttering them aloud. That is because it is wonderful to hear simple truth in an age when the level of political correctness spewing from many pulpits is unbelievably disturbing.

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