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Short video: Stranger Accused of Saying Hello

Short video: Bugatti Chiron breaks through magic 300 mph barrier

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COVID-19: Therapies

19 HCQ positive studies of early treatment: NONE were negative 

Why Big Pharma is Out to Kill HCQ at All Costs

Antihistamines May Help Calm COVID-19 Cytokine Storm

COVID-19: Masks

E-Mask-ulation: How we have been lied to about Masks

COVID-19: Prevention

Scientists discover antibody that ‘neutralizes’ COVID-19 virus

Video: Robert Kennedy Talk re Vaccines

Precaution Can Kill—During a Pandemic and Beyond

Doctors studying why obesity may be tied to serious COVID-19

UN Admits Polio Outbreak In Sudan Caused By Gates-Funded Vaccine

FDA Nears Approval of Injectable Biochip Implants for COVID Detection

Community and Countries United! We Say NO to forced Vaccines!

Why mass PCR testing of the asymptomatic is counter-productive

Dr. Fauci takes vitamins C and D to lessen COVID-19 susceptibility

COVID-19: Data

How Long Does the Coronavirus Live on Surfaces?

Yelp Data: 60% Of Pandemic Closures Are Now Permanent

On COVID-19 and Race, Sports Suddenly Ignore Analytics

Unwarranted Fear Has Won The COVID-19 Narrative

More COVID-19 Lawsuits Against Cuomo Than Any Other Gov

Tens of thousands of unexpected deaths: CDC silent

COVID-19: Misc

Fauci Looks To UN To ‘Rebuild The Infrastructure Of Human Existence’

Tucker: From the start, COVID-19 has been shrouded in lies

Priest’s Homily: We’ve been fooled

Distortion and Twisting of COVID-19 facts linked to politics

The Hidden Agenda behind COVID-19 Lockdown

Federal Judge Rules PA COVID-19 Restrictions Unconstitutional

Chinese virologist: China intentionally released COVID-19

During pandemic, keep calm and carry on

Greed Energy Economics

Good Report: BEIS Electricity Generation Costs

Renewable Energy Means a Pay Cut for Energy Workers

Offshore Wind is Really a Pirate Ship on the Sea of Subsidies

Renewable Energy Eco-system Consequences

Environmentalists Cause Environmental Disaster In Europe

Green Energy Isn’t So Green

The Red-Hot, Hardly Serene Green vs. Green New Deal

Wind Energy

State utility questions efficacy of wind for power generation

Short video: The Impossibility of Wind Turbines

The Plague of Renewable Portfolio Standards

Nevada County Approves 1 Mile Setback on Wind Turbines

Short video: What’s Wrong with Wind and Solar?

Podcast: Rational Environmentalism – The Truth About Renewables, etc.

Intermittent Renewables Are Nothing to Throw Money At

‘Green’ billionaires suppression of ‘Planet of the Humans’ documentary

Inconvenient Facts About Renewable Energy

Short video: Climate or Environment?

FERC lowers barriers to DERs in wholesale markets

California’s energy scorecard fails on the world stage

Keep enemy (China) out of our backyard

Solar Energy

Not So Green

Solar panels generate mountains of waste — and heat the planet

Farmers fear solar arrays will cause 1000s of acres of prime land to vanish

California’s Energy Vampire: Solar at Night

Solar power plunges as smoke shrouds California

Sorry, Solar Panels Won’t Stop California’s Fires

Nuclear Energy

US gives first-ever OK for small commercial nuclear reactor

If Nuclear Energy is So Great, Then Why …?

Nuclear Reactor Co Adds Molten Salt Storage to its SMR System

Video: High time for nuclear energy!

The iPhone 16 could be powered by nuclear waste diamond batteries

Natural Gas Energy

Pipeline Opponents Will Learn the Worm Always Turns

Fossil Fuels Make Modern Life Possible

The Future of Fracking in the US

US energy production and consumption: fossil fuels are tops

Pipeline Infrastructure Delays Costing Us $14 Billion

Misc Energy

Short video: World’s biggest dam: China’s engineering masterpiece or environment disaster?

Important New Book: Looming Energy Crisis

NYS Practices to Deceive on Green Energy

NYISO Study: What is needed to augment renewables

US Renewable Power Giants to Join Forces for More Lobbying

How Refusing to Wisely Manage CA’s Resources Led to Blackouts

New film about energy poverty: Switch ON

Power Hungry Podcast: Yergin – Energy, Climate, and the Clash of Nations

Lithium May Be the Next Chinese Virus to Threaten the US

Manmade Global Warming: Some Deceptions

Fake Science, etc: Why We Must Take the Fight to the Climate Zealots

Study: Greenhouse Gas Emissions — The Global Picture

It’s the nonsense, not the climate, that is reaching extremes

Cooling The Hothouse

Real Climatologist Scares the Media

Facebook Creates New Climate Change ‘Indoctrination’ Center

Doubling down on climate change and censorship

CLINTEL open letter to Bill Gates

Easy way to assess the accuracy of the IPCC CO2 claim

Manmade Global Warming: Misc

Climate Science and the Rise and Fall of Evidence

Report: US Climate in 2019

Climate Change: Most Brazen Scientific Hoax In Human History

Europe’s Green Deal Likely To Fail

New Film: Return to Eden

Why clouds are the missing piece in the climate change puzzle

Updated CLINTEL document with signers

Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum

From Cold to Warm Without Formulas

Newsom vows to fast track toward Germany’s failed climate goals

Vermont’s Global Warming Solutions Act — A Disaster in the Making

US Reaches $1.5 B Settlement with Daimler Over Emissions Cheating

NYS CLCPA Climate Law Will Have Big Ramifications

Western Wildfires

Study: Humans (not AGW) are behind costly, increasing risk of wildfires

Separating Fact From Fiction About Wildfires

Tony Heller video: CNN Identifies The Fire Culprit

Environmental Alarmism Makes Wildfires Worse Than Necessary

California burning: Fewer fires made worse by misguided policies

Western Wildfires Are Due to Arson and Stupidity, Not Climate Change

Western Forest Fires Hijacked to Promote Global Warming

Climate-Friendly Battery Boom Presents Growing Fire Safety Challenge

Satellite Observations Reveal Decreasing Trend in Global Wildfires

Study: Wildfires Offer Roadmap for Forest Management’s Effects on Water

The Pelosi/Newsom/Harris Climate-Howlers Are Truly Dangerous

US Politics and Socialism

Woke Me When It’s Over

Some Aspects and Assumptions of White Culture in the United States

Smithsonian’s “Race Guidelines:” Rational Thinking and Hard Work Are White Values

The Pinnacle of Looting Apologia

“Systemic racism” is emotional semantics

Systemic racism is not racism

Crushing the Constitution on the Road to Tyranny

The Coming Coup?

Who Is Opposed to What Free Market Capitalism?

Scientific American Reminds You It’s Not “Scientific” or “American”

Yes, It Was “Real Socialism.” No, We Shouldn’t Try Again.

Roots of US Black Communism

Blueprint For Overthrow: Transition Integrity Project

Oscars: the New World Order of Mediocrity and Neutered Equality

Dozens of Mueller Team Cell Phones Were ‘Accidentally Wiped’

Where Leftists Met the Enemy and It Was … One of Them

Short video: What happened on 9/11?

Short video: America to Boycott NFL

Other US Politics and Related

RBG death makes Supreme Court major 2020 campaign issue

Trump’s Supreme Court court pick likely to be one of two women

President Trump Releases Second-Term Agenda

Video: Riding the Dragon — The Bidens’ Chinese Secrets

Voters Need the Whole Story on Joe Biden, Before Voting

Video: Defending the “Defender in Chief”

Short video: Keep America Great

Why the 2020 Election Will Be Decided in Suburbia

Legislator Calls Out Environmentalists’ Racism

Presidential Succession Act: Can Congress manage chaos?

Disinformed to Death

Who Killed George Floyd?

Short video: Who is responsible for US civil unrest?

Trailer: Safeguard — An Electoral College Story


One Priest’s View (short video).

How Cultural Marxism Is Grinding Christianity Down

The Religion of COVID-19

Short video: Pastor MacArthur on Church Services Defying the State

Paradise and Paranoia

New Netflix Film Sexualizes Children

Education Related

Candace Owens: Conservatives have lost the education battle to Left

NC Assoc of Educators President promotes BLM at School

Report: Blueprint for Reform — Institutional Neutrality

In Reopening, UNC Leaders Failed Their Students

Eliminate or Radically Restructure Federal Student Loans

Science and Misc Matters

Forgetting and Misrepresenting History is America’s Real Pandemic

Breakthrough: The Ideas That Changed the World: Season 1

A Master Class on Winning from General George Patton

EPA finalizes first ever transparency rule for regulations

‘Good Enough’ Rules the World

EPA Chief Touts Environmental Gains, Hits ‘Single Issue Advocacy’

Mulan Rouge: Disney Film Betrays a Shade of Red China

Five Reasons Why India Will Become the Center of the World Economy

Trump signs new executive order to lower US drug prices

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