WATCH: Proud Boys Denounces KKK and White Supremacists while Biden Eulogizes KKK Member, Hails Confederate Flag

Twitter is alive with interesting information about the group Proud Boys. Here’s Thad, Chief of the Proud Boys, Salt Lake City Utah Chapter, denouncing the KKK and White Supremacy.

WATCH: Two videos of Proud Boys rallies.

Add to this two other vides that have appeared on Twitter showing Joe Biden eulogizing Democrat Senator Robert Byrd. Senator Byrd was a Kleagle, a Klan recruiter, in the 1940s.

In fact News Today reported:

White nationalist Richard Spencer reiterated his support for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden Tuesday, days after a spokesman for the Biden campaign rejected Spencer’s endorsement. Replying to a tweet Tuesday morning, Spencer wrote that he recognized how “ineffective, useless, and traitorous the GOP is,” reaffirming his decision to vote for Biden in the November election. Spencer, one of they key figureheads of the alt-right movement, initially voiced his plan to vote for Biden Sunday, tweeting the following day that “Liberals are clearly more competent.”


Here is Senator Joe Biden’s stating that “many fine people” display the Confederate flag:

While Joe Biden at the first Presidential debate said that Antifa was “just an idea.”

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Black Chairman of Proud Boys Speaks Out after Liars Joe Biden and Chris Wallace Call Them White Supremacists

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  1. Bob
    Bob says:

    Just because the KKK uses a heritage flag doesn’t mean every person that uses the flag is a “white supremacist.” The mainstream marxist media’s claim that Trump supporters are all white supremacists despite POTUS saying that he supports Israel and denounces the KKK. The KKK themselves and historically have been the same people working with globalist democrats that pushed the civil war and the same ones that were loyalists with the crown.


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