REVEALED: Notorious ‘Jewish’ Group Advocated For Anti-Semitic NY Doctor

Since its inception, Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) has devalued, demonized and delegitimized Jews living in Israel. They have defended terrorists and partnered with vile anti-Semitic organizations SJP and AMP. Now, JVP’s veil has been removed – they simply devalue Jewish life, period.

By campaigning for an anti-Semitic doctor to treat Jewish hospital patients, JVP has stooped lower than anyone could have imagined.

In March 2017, Canary Mission published the profile of medical student, Walid Khass. His social media was replete with threatening anti-Semitic posts. Khass then got placed as a medical resident at New York-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist. However, since discovering his profile on Canary Mission in 2019, the hospital has been fighting for their right to fire Khass, citing legitimate fears for the safety of their many Jewish patients.

In September 2019, JVP wrote a shocking and deceitful letter to the hospital, advocating on Khass’s behalf. Of the grossly misleading statements in their letter, the most dangerous falsehood was a claim that, “He has never advocated violence or hatred of Jews.” In reality, Khass’s dozens of threatening tweets include “Kill the Jews” and “Go beat up a Zionist.”

Disturbingly, the New York Supreme Court ruled in favor of Khass, but the hospital is appealing the decision.

Today, an array of organizations and individuals including Canary MissionStandWithUs and Brooklyn State Assemblyman, Simcha Eichenstein, stand squarely in support of New York-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital.

The contrast could not be starker. While the hospital is using its time and resources to advocate for Jewish patient safety, JVP uses its time and resources to advocate against the Brooklyn Jewish community and for a potentially dangerous anti-Semite.

EDITORS NOTE: This Canary Mission column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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