The Four Step Theory to Infect The President

Many years ago I heard and use a theory that anyone I want to reach is only four phone calls away. For instance, if I want to speak with or get a message to Mr. D, I call Mr. A , who knows Mr. B, who plays golf with Mr. C, who used to work with Mr. D. Guess what, your message gets delivered and your contact is made. I have used this practice to get interviews for the Conservative Commandos Radio Show and have been able to reach thousands of individuals including Governors, Members of Congress, Celebrities and even Vice President Pence.

I hate conspiracy theories and find them nonproductive. It is widely known that crying wolf and screaming the sky is falling often falls on deaf ears.

And with all that being said here I go! Could the same idea be used for intentionally spreading a virus to a President?

As of this morning 8 to 10 of President Trump’s inner circle have come down with covid 19. This list includes President Trump, first Lady Melania Trump, Hope Hicks, a senior aide to the president, Ronna McDaniel, Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, Republican Senator Mike Lee, Utah Senator and member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Tom Tillis, North Carolina Senator, who is also a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, Chris Christie, Advisor to President Trump and Former Governor of New Jersey, Rev. John Jenkins, President of Notre Dame who attended a White House ceremony, Kellyanne Conway, President Trump’s former adviser and Bill Stepien, Trump’s campaign manager. In addition to those who work closely with president Trump at least three journalists who cover President Trump tested positive. And this list grows moment to moment

With at least two Republican Senators on the pivotal Judiciary Committee have also tested positive, with many calling for a pause in the Judge Amy Barrett confirmation hearings. Could this be the October surprise? The hate and vitriol on the left for this president is widely known. There are even many people in the republican party who cannot wait for the day when Donald Trump is no longer in office.

You can also bet the sharks are in the water waiting to take advantage of the situation. Senator Chuck Schumer has called Supreme Court hearings “irresponsible and dangerous” after 2 senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee tested positive. You know he as well as every member of his party would absolutely love to stop the confirmation of Amy Barrett until after the presidential election in hopes that a President Joe Biden would fill the vacant seat. If the two senators remain out this month, it would effectively prevent Barrett from being confirmed to the Supreme Court until after the Election.

Is it too farfetched to think that a foreign power such as the Chinese Communist Party (who actually released this virus on the world) could have played a part in the president’s infection? Would you put this past Vladimir Putin who has attempted similar deeds? Do you remember Viktor Yushchenko: Ukraine’s ex-president who was poisoned? Or Alexei Navalny, a opponent of Putin’s, was poisoned with a deadly nerve agent implicated in other attacks on Russians who have crossed his regime.

Is it coincidental that the President and many of those closest to him tested positive in the same week but no Democrats? Could the virus have been intentionally planted? Remember my four phone call theory?

Is it too farfetched to believe that people around the president were purposely infected in hopes of infecting the president or at least the people around him so as to be an embarrassment to the president and his campaign? We need to find out how all the people so close to the president and the president himself contracted the virus in one of the most extensive protective environments in the world. Once again can you say October surprise?

Who would believe that a project of misinformation could have been constructed spread and believed like the steel dossier? Who would believe somebody actually conspired the Russian hoax? Both of these we now know were flat out lies and compromised witnesses to bring down Donald Trump!!

A conspiracy theory? Oh it must be crazy thinking!

But ask yourself this question: How many presidents have been assassinated? How many assassination attempts? And how many of these attempts have been foiled without the public knowing?

In a country so divided and a day and age when the most unbelievable, inconceivable things have happened, let’s get the facts. A thorough investigation needs to be conducted. And lets start with all those who have publicly wished ill will and hatred toward this President and those who have so much to gain by his demise.



Rick Trader is the Executive Producer and Co-host of the Conservative Commandos Radio Show.

©Rick Trader. All rights reserved.

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  1. Dr. Rich Swier
    Dr. Rich Swier says:

    My wife and I went out to dinner with friends of ours last night.

    The topic of conversation was “Who infected President Trump.”

    Given the security that surrounds the President, his family and members of Congress we asked ourselves how.

    The why is obvious. The Democrats, the media, Iran, China, the PLO, Hamas, Hezbollah etc. all want to see him dead.

  2. Debra
    Debra says:

    The Democrats are losing and it’s getting close to Election Day. Too many wish him ilI. I have been thinking about this also. My thought was a tainted flu shot? Or even a tainted swab used for testing?

  3. William Miranda
    William Miranda says:

    This situation is similar to what people say about paranoia. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean you are not being watched or in danger. The same is true of conspiracies. Just because you have a conspiracy theory doesn’t mean there isn’t a conspiracy. So we must look at and give weight to the evidence available as it becomes available to see whether or not the conspiracy theory may be, at least somewhat valid.
    Yesterday I read an article about he Ohio Health official tracing the virus infection to the pre-debate preparations when people were coming from out of state. Given the Demokkkrats past coup attempts against Trump, their desperation before the elections, the timing of the infection, the number of infected all from the Republican side and non from Democrats, or even Chris Wallace, I would say the conspiracy theory on a scale is slightly tilted towards another coup against Trump. Again, at the very least, it does not rule out an attempted coup.
    Several times in the past, the DNC has already shown their ability to engage in deceit, fraud, rioting, looting and even violence to achieve their goals. Add to that the influence of socialist and Marxist that have infiltrated the party ranks and leadership the last 12 years, then the conspiracy theory becomes even more viable.
    When Trump first said he had been spied upon, the media, Democrats and anti- Trumper Republicans ridiculed him and accused him of conspiracy theory paranoia. We’ve known for a while now, that he was right and we’re finding out the details of how involved the conspiracy was, all the way to Obama and Biden.


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