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COVID-19: Therapies

19 HCQ positive studies of early treatment: NONE were negative

COVID-19: Prevention and Treatment Recommendations

Study: HCQ and the Burden of Proof

Remdesivir: Soros & Gates Partner with China on Coronavirus Drug?

COVID-19: Prevention

Michigan Supreme Court Strikes Down Gov’s Lockdown

The UN Ignores NGO’s Warnings About Mandated Vaccines

COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Participants Are Reporting Serious Side-Effects

CDC: COVID-19 Vaccination Program Interim Playbook

CDC: It Published New Guidance on Risks of Airborne COVID-19 “In Error”

China Begins Unproven But Widespread Vaccination Program

Researchers hypothesize COVID-19 immunity from dengue exposure

COVID-19: Models and Data

Is the Official COVID-19 Death Toll Accurate?

The Brave New World of Coronavirus Safetyism

The Second Wave Of COVID-19 Will Be A Casedemic, Not Pandemic

COVID-19: Misc

President Trump, first lady test positive for COVID-19

Congressional Report: COVID-19 could have been prevented by China/WHO

Tucker: COVID-19 and Climate Change, and more

The Pandemic, From the Virus’s Point of View

COVID World – Resist!

Lethal Lockdowns: The WHO-CDC Global Genocide

No, I’m Not Saying this is Like Nazi Germany — just Listen

Lawsuits about state COVID-19 actions and policies

Greed Energy Economics

Wind and Solar Developers Want You To Pay Their Transmission Costs

Working families should not subsidize renewable energy

US Republican Senators Push to Eliminate Wind Tax Credit

Wind developers’ claims of providing local jobs is undermined

“Clean” Energy Push Results in Regressive Taxation

Nikola founder quits amid fraud allegations

Wind Energy: Offshore

Report: The Costs of Offshore Wind Power – Blindness and Insight

Hot Air and the Offshore Wind Industry

Offshore drilling moratorium endangers wind power too

Ocean Turbine Electric Cable Ship Eludes Public

Wind Energy: Other

Grid congestion a growing barrier for wind and solar developers

Wind Turbines Generate Mountains of Waste

Short video: Noise Monitoring a NYS Wind Project

Short video: Out of State Workers Employed on NY Wind Project

UMass Pipe Dream Wind Turbine Down

Solar Energy

Solar in NC: Raising Prices and Pollution

Solar Power Could Force New Yorkers to NYC?

Nuclear Energy

Cheaper and safer than wind or solar: Dutch on new nuclear plants

Compact Nuclear Fusion Reactor Is ‘Very Likely to Work’

South Korean-Built Mini Nuclear Reactors Approved For US

Thorium-based reactor fuel could revive Nuclear’s fortunes

Nat Academy of Engineering Report: Nuclear Energy Revisited

The Perception of Yucca Mountain

Natural Gas Energy

Why Are Natural Gas Prices Plunging?

What a Biden-Harris Fracking Ban Would Mean

Trump to include NC in offshore drilling moratorium?

Energy: American Energy Innovation Act

The Ugly Underbelly of S.2657

American Energy Innovation Act Is Dangerous Green Virtue Signaling

Citizens must speak out against dangerous energy bill

Senate sets table laden with green pork

Democrats want to hand climate science over to the mob

Oppose US Senate Climate Bill S. 2657

Administration’s position on H.R.4447

Incomprehensible: API Statement On House Energy Bill

Over 100 Groups Oppose Democrats’ Energy Bill as Insufficient

Energy: California Prohibits Gas Vehicles

CA Gov signs order to stop sales of gasoline-powered cars

Chevrolet Releases California-Compliant Horse And Buggy

Ramifications of Gov Newsom’s ban on gas-powered vehicles

Written debate: How Green are Electric Cars

Energy: China

China Lies and Pursues Fossil Fuels as Naive Enviros Buy it

Don’t Fall for China’s ‘Net-Zero Carbon’ Trick

If China plans to go carbon neutral, why is it building so many coal plants?

Misc Energy

Fossil Fuels: The Best Way Out For The Poor

Report: Cost of Electrification — A State-by-State Analysis and Result

Short video: Baseload Power

Video: Energy, Geopolitics, And The New Map

Where the Green New Deal Was Tried, Failed and Repealed

Your life under the Green New Deal

EO: Threat from Reliance on Critical Minerals from Adversaries

The Energy and Policy Institute is a totally phony entity

No more renewable offsetting for Google

Manmade Global Warming: Some Deceptions —

Climate Change Apocalypse: “Permanently Immunized From Falsification”

Theoretical climate debate between Trump and Biden

Atlantic Hurricane Season Update

New video: Climate Hustle 2 Trailer

Weather Isn’t Climate, No Matter How Many Times You Might Think So

Manmade Global Warming: Misc.

COVID-19 induced CO2 emission reductions are not yet detectable

India: Reject this inequitable climate proposal

La Niña Is Here: What Will It Do To Global Temperatures?

Short video: 10,000 years of temperature history

New Book: Asking the Non-Consensual Questions on Climate Change

Archive: Hayden-Denning Climate Debate

Soros/Gates-Funded Org Says World May Need ‘Climate Lockdown’

Drones Can Reforest The Planet Faster Than Humans Can

US Politics and Socialism

Then They Came for Beethoven

Excellent short video: We’re Not Meant to be Sheep

Short video: As Far As I Can See

Short video: I Love America Too Much to Stay Silent

Method in the Madness

A Book with a Kernel of Truth—and a Grain Silo of Nonsense

What happened in Virginia should scare every conservative into voting

For Socialists Who Can’t Stand Trump

I Mastered Xi Jinping Thought, and I Have the Certificate to Prove It

US Supreme Court

Short video: Trump announces his nominee for Supreme Court

Meet Amy Coney Barrett

Fill Ginsburg’s Seat Before November 3

Ginsburg: Senate should hold confirmation hearing during election year

Short video: 2020 Democrats should listen to 2016 Democrats

US Presidential Debate

1st Presidential Debate: Clear Policy Contrast Shines Through Crosstalk

Debate Conclusions

Contrary To His Debate Claim, Biden Supports the GND

Biden’s Energy Plan: Sacrificing Goats to the Sun Gods

Other US Politics and Related: Other

Why national culture matters to our future

A black deliveryman tells why he’s voting for Trump

President Trump will Stand Up to Hateful Mobs

While Good Americans Dither, Rioters Are Taking Over

Proud Boys Leader Refutes ‘White Supremacist’ Claims

How the National Popular Vote Scheme Would Cause Election Chaos

It’s past time to pull the plug on Cuomo’s dictatorial pandemic powers

Andrew Cuomo: America’s Absolute Worst Governor

Religion: The Pope

Is Judge Barrett too Catholic for Pope Francis?

The real reason for Pope Francis’s disgraceful Pompeo snub

Pope: Capitalism has failed in pandemic, needs reform

Pope: Social aggression has found unparalleled room for expansion

Religion: General

Duck-and-Cover And Burn The Heretics: The Modern-Day Cult of Corona

Christians be prepared for an onslaught of ignorance as Court debate looms

Ecology and Economics for Religious Leaders

Americans’ Right to Worship Is Being Denied by Governments

Religion on Campus: A Marketable Skill, or a Diversity & Inclusion Fight?

Education Related

Of Academic Freedom and False Alarms

How Cultural Marxism is Grinding Down America’s Public Schools

On Campus, “Freedom” is Just Another Word for Before COVID-19

NYS has highest per pupil school costs in the world

Science and Misc Matters

Short Video: Why I Left Liberalism and the Democratic Party

Who Was John Muir, Really?

Archive Study: Scientific method — Defend the integrity of physics

The Cheating Scandal That Ripped the Poker World Apart


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