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Two upbeat short video specials:

Adrian and Emma-Jean: Music of the Night

Artificial Intelligence Headset

Note: Although there has been substantial volcanic activity in the White Island (NZ) area, the video in the last issue appears to be an artistic recreation of actual events.

— This Newsletter’s Articles, by Topic —

COVID-19: Therapies

17 HCQ studies of early treatment: NONE were negative

COVID-19: Prevention

Video: The Great American Mask Rip Off

The President and the COVID-19 Mask Debate

Trump Takes Zinc. Possibly You Ought to Too

WHO Urges World Leaders to Stop Using Lockdowns to Fight COVID

COVID-19: Models and Data

Statistics: Lockdowns May Have Had Little Effect on COVID-19 Spread

The Absurdity Of Covid ‘Cases’

COVID-19: Misc

The Great Barrington Declaration

Reddit’s Censorship of The Great Barrington Declaration

Video: Lawsuit for Crimes Against Humanity

The value of talking to strangers — and nodding acquaintances

Virologist: SARS-CoV-2 is a bio-weapon and intentionally released

25 Small Business Survivors and Thrivers

Greed Energy Economics

The Real Cost of Wind and Solar

Word of Warning: Ontario’s green-energy catastrophe

Green Energy Costs More than Doubled

Inside the Dominion lobbying blitz that’s going to raise electric bills

£50 billion on wind — You might as well spend it on unicorn tears

Boris Johnson Announces 200% Rise in Electricity Prices

UK wind farce that blew £1.4billion!

Wind & Solar Energy

Gates-backed nuclear fusion: ‘We can fill the gaps left by wind and solar’

Family Receives a €225K Payout from Wind Developer for Health Problems

Study: Surprising science – There’s no such thing as clean energy

There’s No Such Thing As Clean Energy

The Shetland (UK) Tragedy

Climate Change to Make Solar Less Reliable as Clouds Increase

Fossil Fuel Energy

Mommy, where did my Tesla come from?

Give Thanks to Fossil Fuels

Misc Energy

Davos 2021 will launch its own Green New Deal — Be afraid

A New Abnormal of Rolling Blackouts Under Biden Energy Plan

Biden’s Plan to Spread California’s Green Slime Around

Energy Policy Advocates Fight Back Against Anti-Industrial Forces

Physicists Build Circuit That Generates Clean, Limitless Power

Manmade Global Warming: Some Deceptions

Archive Study: New Little Ice Age Instead of Global Warming?

New Book: How Dare You!

UK will take 700 years to reach low-carbon under current plans
Jeff Bezos and Amazon Join the Religion of Green
The Real ‘Climate Crisis’ Is At The World Economic Forum

Short Video: Climate Misinformation From Debate Moderator

Manmade Global Warming: Misc

Nothing That Works

Joe Biden and the Green New Deal

A new thermometer for studying our past climate

Report: Extinguishing the Wildfire Threat

US Politics and Socialism

Agenda: Grinding America Down

Democrats are staging revolution against America

The Left’s Little Red Book on Forming a New Green Republic

Short Video: Where Do You Want to Live — Red State or Blue State?

Living in the Left’s Upside Down World

Your Life Will Be Controlled By Rockefeller & Clinton Foundation Apps

What’s the Matter With BLM?

Dangerous Talk From Stupid People

Video: How to Defeat the Left’s Socialism in 30 Seconds

Upcoming US National Elections

Why moderates’ best bet is to vote for Trump

WAPO: How Trump has made the country better off

Policy vs. Personality: That’s Our Choice

7 Quick Takeaways on the 2020 Vice Presidential Debate

Video: Why my first vote EVER will be Republican

Report: US Presidential Economic Analysis, Battleground States 2020

Voter Fraud: The Continuing Saga

Biden opposed helping South Vietnamese refugees reach U.S. in 1970s

Ayn Rand’s Novel Warns of Socialism if Biden Prevails

VP Biden, Don’t Take Away Our Healthcare Choice

Other US Politics and Related

Short video: Never Apologize to the Mob

Short video: Celebrating Columbus

Short video: I was Wrong about the Democratic Party

Epstein, Obama, Gates, Clinton, Andrew & Ghislaine

The Aristocracy of Pull

Trump declassifies all Russia collusion, Clinton email documents

200+ conservative groups support Barrett for Supreme Court


Dr. Dobson’s Open Letter to Christians Regarding the Election

The Cult of Covidism Has Invaded the Church

No Pope Francis, the World Is Not in a Climate Emergency!

Pope Exhibits Shocking Ignorance of Economics and Logic

Oregon Professor Blames White Christians For West Coast Wildfires

Education Related

We Need to Talk About Bruce

VA School District: Teachers Enforce ‘Woke’ Revolution, or Else

Mellon Commits $250 Million To ‘Reimagine’ U.S. Monuments

Science and Misc Matters

Solzhenitsyn: Live Not By Lies

Science Is Threatened by Identity Politics

The death knell of science is being sounded by partisan scientists

Archive: The Report from Iron Mountain

Good health care needs transparency and competition

TedTalk: Mathematics and sex

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