VIDEO: SURPRISE! James O’Keefe confronts Everytown’s Alan Bederka

Here is the lasted release from the Project Veritas Action Fund’s investigation into the Arizona Senate race:

In this video, James O’Keefe confronted Alan Bederka, a data manager and operative for Everytown for Gun Safety, at a Georgetown waterfront restaurant.

O’Keefe questions Bederka about how he told our journalist on a hidden camera that Everytown for Gun Safety uses press releases to skirt federal election law and that if the NRA found out, the NRA would make hay out of it.

Alan, nice try attempting to evade what you said.

Here’s your problem: we caught it all on video tape.

We’re still waiting for the Kelly campaign and Everytown to explain themselves…and so is the internet:

Stay Tuned,

Project Veritas Action Team

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