Kanye West releases first Presidential Campaign Ad — ‘Even if I’m not on the ballot, reject Democrats and write my name in.’

Democrats attack Kayne West his first presidential campaign ad. California Democrat Eric Swalwell in an email states:

Did you hear? Kanye West just launched his first ad of the 2020 General Election.

Rapper Kanye West officially announced his Presidential campaign last summer, and it’s become widely known that his bid is collusion with the Trump campaign to siphon votes away from Democrats.

[ … ]

Kanye’s message is all about convincing strong Democrats to turn away from their Party, and he has the funding to get his ad out far and wide.

Kanye is telling people… “Even if I’m not on the ballot, reject Democrats and write my name in.” This could STEAL momentum from Democrats across the nation and FOIL our plans to retake the Senate, protect our House majority, and defeat Donald Trump.

Sky News Australia reports:

Rapper Kanye West has released first presidential campaign advertisement ahead of next month’s election.


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