Whose Lives Matter? – 87% of Republicans say All Lives Matter, 63% of Democrats say Black Lives Matter.

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Whose Lives Matter? While 63% of Democrats agree more with Black Lives Matter, 61% of independents and 87% of Republicans choose All Lives Matter.


Complete toplines and crosstabs for Reality Check Insights’ Race and Policing in America Survey.

  • Barely half (49%) of Americans believe that police officers treat racial and ethnic groups equally.
  • 16% of women disagree that seeing a police officer in their neighborhood makes them feel safe.
  • While more than 72% of wealthy Americans report that seeing police officers make them feel safe, only 50% of low-income Americans agree.

U.S. Public Split on Whether Recent Protests are Non-Violent

  • 41% of Americans believe that the majority of recent protests are non-violent – 44% disagree.
  • While more than 65% of Democrats believe that the protests are nonviolent, only 38% of independents and 13% of Republicans share a similar viewpoint.

Black Lives Matter or All Lives Matter?

  • More Americans have a favorable opinion of Black Lives Matter than an unfavorable opinion.
  • Nevertheless, when forced to pick, only 32% of Americans choose Black Lives Matter.  60% of white Americans, 43% of African-Americans, and 63% of Hispanic Americans choose all lives matter.

NBA – Sports League or Political Organization?

  • More than 75% of Republicans disapprove of the NBA, while more than 67% of Democrats approve.

How the public views police, protests, and the NBA

“This survey shows that one month before the 2020 U.S. presidential election, attitudes toward the police, protests, and even the NBA are highly partisan. We also see evidence of public concern with the police.  More than a third of the public disagrees with the statement that `police officers treat racial and ethnic groups equally’ and just over half of Americans agree that `seeing a police officer in my neighborhood makes me feel safe.'”


Peter K. Enns, Co-founder of Reality Check Insights and Professor of Government at Cornell University.


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