Critical Race Theory in Action in Education

Time to hear the truth.  Time to throw the wrench in their talking points. Time to expose the lefty lies. This is not just up to President Trump. This is up to us.

Time to apply knowledge.  Time to stop playing their game.  Time to get out in front of the issue. You know what the issue is: RACISM.   No one wants to be called a racist. It’s time to challenge and ask questions like:  If America is such a racist country and everything is racist then how do mixed marriages exist?  How come any deserving couple can choose any child of any race for adoption?

Can Michelle Obama explain how she, a black woman, is living in a $12 million  mansion is lecturing me on how awful, privilege and racist I am? If America is racist country, shouldn’t she be on a plantation someplace. What about Oprah?  Why is she a billionaire? They ignore the accomplishment of American Blacks instead they are busy yelling at me while telling minorities they are victims. Instead of being proud of the accomplishments of the American Blacks during the Revolutionary War, they teach hatred.

What the left is saying is absurd and what we are doing is even worse because we’re not speaking out.   If we don’t speak out who will speak for us?  We are allowing the left to get away with this hatred. In addition we are expected to hand over our most prized possession; our children to people who tell us every day they hate us, think we are deplorable; think we are stupid.  Hillary says we are deplorable.  Camilla thinks we are stupid.  Joe thinks Voters have no right to know how he will represent them as president. In the communist plan, when they have no working policy they pick on the individual. We know that so is it not time to get out in front?   The left has nothing.  The only thing they have left is race.

I did some digging on critical race theory.   From what I gather it is the theory that since only American white men and that’s wrong had input into the Constitution everything in America is slanted for American white men.  They believe   everything in America is racist. Students do not read the Constitution they have no idea what it means because it has been taught to them that it is a racist document.   All this will do is keep minorities down.  English is the language of business. 47% of America’s children can’t read write or do simple math. But they can riot and be activists victims.


The students learn hatred in school, then they grow up and become our legislators.  Quite interesting to hear Ben Sasse give a much needed civics lesson to our legislators. School shutdowns gave us the chance to take a closer look at what’s being taught — or not taught — in many American schools. Did you look? You will discover   God is the difference between Republicans and Democrats. 

So my friends we have to correct and start bombarding these people by asking questions.  Stop being silent.  When they say something stupid like the American people are deplorable, let us bombard them asking questions. Making them support their talking points.  After calling Trump a racists, I ask them to support what they said by asking them to give examples.

I have stopped using their stuff. I look to see where things are made.  I research to see who is the company behind the product? Where do they donate?  I was out in the little mall by our house picking up a few things.  I stopped by the gas station and I overheard two women talking.  One woman said to the other,  “I would rather spend a few dollars more and be able to say it’s made in America than give another dime to Walmart or Amazon or anything else.” Will you do the same?

We have a really short window to do something about it and one of the things that we can do about it is follow where they spend their money. Tell your legislator:  George Soros and Mike Bloomberg got together. These are an example of two billionaires who made their money in the American capitalist system. You know the same system they want destroyed so they will have no competition.  They fund things like riots, education programs, health programs and green programs.  Soon all of a sudden the only choice we are allowed is made by them, those who hate us and want to control our destiny. Why are they not being investigated for sedition?

Right now we should be demanding our legislators get the documents and DOJ prosecute.  How can we let 3 years of lies with all of this information about what the Obama administration did to the American people including spending $40 million on a bogus investigation go unpunished? Will the left pay that back to the American people for their lies and deceptions. $40 million plus all their salaries and pensions.  Why are we still paying them to lie to us? Are we stupid?  If we do nothing, yes we are.

Now is the time as they are running for office get them on the record.  I will guarantee if the Democrats win, they will not prosecute and this hoax, this fraud will die as fast death. So if prosecuting means something to you and if having people on the Supreme Court who actually know what the Constitution means, know how to apply it and do not wish to go and write new laws is that important to you we have only one choice and that choice is President Trump.

Trump with 90% opposition still managed to do an amazing job.   Can you imagine the amount of people that would be CCP dead if Joe Biden and Hillary were in office? The left wants the population reduced. This is one way to do so.  The American people would lose big time period but that was their plan all along.  These people don’t deviate from their plan.  They are out to get us and they don’t care how.   Remember we must look at their own words and deeds before we vote.

We have to get President Trump elected and get as many Republicans elected as possible.  Then we have to hold those people accountable while we work in our local communities.  Remember I say follow their plan.  Well what did George Soros and Bloomberg do?  They funded local elections like the prosecutors who have been taught that police are evil.  They funded Secretary of State to control elections.  Then they hope to control the vote.  According to them everybody is just going to live with no policing and no guns for protection because rioters don’t need policing they’re just misunderstood.  Do you believe that?  We must follow their plan.  Think local.

Everything you see or hear from the Dems is for the sole purpose of Money, Power, Control.

First they came for the climate deniers, and I did not speak out—because I was not a meteorologist.

Then they came for the city merchants, and I did not speak out— because I lived in the country.

Then they came for the police, and I did not speak out— because I followed the law.

Then they came for the school children and I did not speak out— because I don’t have children in school.

Then they came for the Jews and Christians, and I did not speak out—because Jews and Christians don’t hate.

Then they came for our guns and I did not speak out — because my gun is legal.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak out for me.

Is America Worth Saving?

If we don’t speak out then WHO will?  If not now, WHEN?

©Karen Schoen. All rights reserved.

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