YouTube Bans X22 Report, Red Pill, Q News Corner, and others

In the last few days YouTube has just banned, according to some reports, over 30 more channels. The Winston84 website was built to help people still find these content providers as they are forced to migrate to other platforms. Here are our profiles for some of the banned channels, providing links to the other places their work can be found:

Destroying the IllusionLori ColleyRed Pill 78SGTreportX22 ReportQ News Corner.

There are many more. Combined, the YouTube videos posted by these 30 or so channels amassed hundreds of millions of views by tens of millions of viewers. Every one of those viewers has been slapped in the face today. How does this help YouTube, or the corporate media they’ve become part of?

What better way to lend credence to the latest conspiracy theory, which claims Osama Bin Laden was not killed in Pakistan? If you want to hear the arguments favoring this new story, to decide for yourself if it is BS, you can’t, because the online channels that promote the theory, or even that merely examine its merits without automatically dismissing it as pure fabrication, are all gone. Meanwhile, a Google search on the words “osama bin laden not killed in pakistan” yields the usual suspects – CNN, Washington Post, CBS, “” and all the rest, vigorously debunking the story.

Simultaneously, the mainstream media is awash with criticism of President Trump, who said “people can decide for themselves” regarding these conspiracy theories. But the President is right. When YouTube censors and shuts down content providers, working in lockstep with the biggest news corporations in the world, it doesn’t end the discussion. It just raises suspicion that maybe there is something to all of this.

The timing is also suspect. Another wave of shutdowns right before the November election. And the Bin Laden story, less believable, providing cover to also squelch the new developments in the Biden/Burisma story, which is very believeable.

The frightening conclusion one has to consider is that there is, mixed within the more outlandish reports and claims, some hidden truths that represent a grave threat to some very powerful special interests. Otherwise they would not give so much publicity to these online rebels by destroying their voice.

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