BREAKING: Videos Emerge of Hunter Biden Sex Tapes while Smoking Crack

Which is more disgusting: Hunter or the criminal enemedia covering up for this depraved pedo?


China’s GTV Releases Videos of Hunter Biden Sex Tapes while Smoking Crack

By Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit, October 24, 2020:

China’s GTV loaded video of Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden smoking crack cocaine while engaging in sex with an unknown person.

GTV is a Chinese channel in Mandarin.

GTV announced they will be releasing more video.


The first GTV video is titled: Exclusive! Hunter Biden’s Sex Tapes, The CCP’s “BGY” Infiltration in the U.S., Evil Alliance to Dominate the World

GTV announced they will be releasing more video.

The video was loaded on Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell that he left at a computer shop in Delaware last year.

This message was scrolled at the end of the video.

“We apologize if this photo has caused you any serious discomfort. But it is for the sake of justice that we, the New Federal State of China, have made this picture public. Because the friends of the communist are our enemies. They take advantage of all those Western politicians, celebrates, and their families who are greedy for Chinese wealth, and threaten them by getting hold of and recording their sex and drug videos, forcing them to sell out their countries and people, and even their own national security in order to cooperate with the Chinese Communist Party’s world domination.”

UPDATE: Breaking from The Gateway Pundit:

And now there is video of Hunter taking a selfie while having sex.

He included this photo on his laptop from hell.

And there is another video of Hunter taking a penis shot.


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