VIDEO: We’re officially filing a lawsuit against The New York Times

Today is the day of no return.

Project Veritas is filing a lawsuit today against The New York Times for their defamatory articles attacking our Minnesota Ballot Harvesting story.

It’s about time The New York Times is held accountable for their propaganda and their attempts to besmirch reputations of people and organizations they don’t like.


The New York Times made several outlandish claims about Project Veritas’ investigation into Minnesota Ballot Harvesting Fraud.

Here are just a few examples:

Can The New York Times reporter Maggie Astor or anyone else at The New York Times back up ANY of these claims? A SINGLE ONE?

There was absolutely no deceptive editing done in our videos, the rampant Ballot Harvesting Fraud taking place in Minnesota was crystal clear for anyone to see.

I’m still waiting for Astor to point out a single deceptive edit, I dare her.

Also, how on earth did Astor come up with the “unidentified sources” claim?

Did she not see Liban Mohamed bragging about the hundreds of ballots in his car?  Did she miss the part where Somali community insider Omar Jamal went on the record to corroborate the videos?

If she still thinks that Project Veritas made “claims without evidence of ballot harvesting” then I suggest she takes a look at this image.

Hey Maggie, why did Liban say he had 300 ballots in his car while shuffling through envelopes? Does that seem suspicious to you at least?

It’s quite ridiculous that I have to point out something so obvious to a New York Times reporter.

And before The New York Times attempts to discredit Somali community insider Omar Jamal, here are 10 examples where they cited Jamal as a credible source to discuss matters in the Somali community [CLICK HERE FOR IMAGE].

Obviously, The New York Times finds Omar Jamal to be credible enough to cite in their articles.

A few weeks ago, Project Veritas reached out to The New York Times and requested that they retract their reporting on us.

Here is what Project Veritas’ lawyer wrote in a letter to them.

We tried to resolve the matter amicably, but The New York Times had another thing in mind.

Even worse, The New York Times’ Tiffany Hsu wrote another defamatory piece about Project Veritas in an article titled “Conservative News Sites Fuel Voter Fraud Misinformation.”

Hsu basically reiterated what Astor had said before.

We gave them a chance to retract.

Now we’re going to sue them and win big.

Project Veritas is now working with the Clare Locke law firm, the same one that has defeated The New York Times in court in the past.

Here’s my message to The New York Times’ Maggie Astor, Tiffany Hsu and Dean Baquet: we are going to depose you, we are going to expose you, and we are going to win.

Project Veritas is undefeated in litigation.

Stay tuned, this battle is just getting started.

EDITORS NOTE: This Project Veritas column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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