VIDEO: YouTube Suppression of Facebook Employee Interview added to FEC and FCC Complaints

Twitter’s censorship of US Border Chief Mark Morgan and Youtube/Google’s suppression of former Facebook employee Ryan Hartwig’s interview on Timcast, which both confirms and gives details of the company’s bias towards conservatives, have been added to ALIPAC’s formal complaints against Big Tech bias to the FEC and FCC today.


ALIPAC’s complaints now list 150 documented examples of bias against conservatives from Google, Facebook, and Twitter, and while these companies will offer a few examples of groups on the left they have censored, this large collection of evidence and documentation shows overwhelming bias against the opponents of Democrats, socialists, and the American left emanating from Silicon Valley tech titans.

These are the two new listings being sent to the FCC and FEC today to amend FEC Matter Under Review (MUR 7834). The FEC is now formally calling on company CEO’s Zuckerberg, Dorsey, and Pichai to answer this formal complaint within 15 days.

Amended/additional listings

Ryan Hartwig: Former Facebook Employee confirming bias against conservatives has interview video with Tim Poole of Timcast (View Here) Unlisted by Google/Youtube to suppress his report. (Unlisted videos can still be viewed at a link but no longer appear in Youtube search results)

U.S. Border Chief Mark Morgan Locked Out of Twitter Account for Border Wall Post.

Here are ALIPAC’s formal complaints to the FEC and FCC.

CLICK HERER FOR: ALIPAC’s Complaint to the FCC Against Big Tech Bias From Google, Facebook, & Twitter

CLICK HERE FOR: ALIPAC’s formal FEC complaint against Google, Facebook, & Twitter

ALIPAC also plans to file formal complaints with the FTC and USDOJ next week, and to keep providing this information to GOP candidates and lawmakers, to seek immediate investigations and relief from Silicon Valley companies violating election laws and the civil rights of Americans who oppose the leftist politics infused with these companies.

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