Exclusive Footage of Protests at Joe Biden’s Home and at Philadelphia’s Independence Hall

International Family News published the following on its website:

Protestors rallied in front of Joe Biden’s home on Halloween at the www.scaryjoeprotests.com event. Protest leader Moira Sheridan said that they were tired of the media blackout on Biden’s corruption and wanted to make a last ditch effort to get the word out.

One protestor was dressed as a nun who had a sign that read, “False Nun Pro-Biden” while another sported a sign saying “True Nun Pro Life.”

Law enforcement was present and shut down the road to Biden’s home to allow the protestors to gather.

One protestor was dressed as a convict with a laptop, another as the devil, and another as Biden himself.

A skit was played out in which the devil asks for Biden to sell his soul. He signs on the line.

Later in the day a protest occurred in front of Independence Hall. Some bystanders booed but others seemed supportive.


Brian S. Brown

Brian S. Brown is founder and publisher of International Family News. He is also president of the International Organization for the Family (IOF). Brian also serves as President of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) after having co-founded the organization in 2007. Brian has been quoted regularly in the The Washington PostThe New York Times, The Associated Press, The Los Angeles TimesThe New York Post, and almost every other major newspaper in the country. He has also regularly appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX News Channel, C-SPAN and MSNBC. An Oxford University-educated and articulate advocate for marriage, he is a sought-after speaker who has addressed hundreds of gatherings throughout the country, and internationally. Brian is a C. Phil. at UCLA in American History, earned his B.A./M.A. in Modern History at Oxford University, and received his B.A. in History from Whittier College. He and his wife Susan have nine young children.

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