Study finds a ‘Severe lack of Hope Scholarship (HS) awareness’ in all Florida school districts

The following study was provided by the Florida Citizens Alliance:

Good evening Dr Graham- we have completed the assessment of all 67 counties regarding the Hope Scholarship. All 3 recommendations from the interim report several weeks ago are fully substantiated.

Bottom line, the Hope scholarship and it’s intended expansive nature are a best kept secret and 1000’s of students are being negatively impacted by the missed opportunity for a productive future.

These  recommendations from the interim report are confirmed:

Consequently, Florida Citizens Alliance is making this formal request that the FL Department of Education take 3 immediate actions:

  1. Update the FL DOE Hope Scholarship page to explain the expansive nature of the HS program to include a) school districts have an affirmative duty to explain bullying involves additional categories of threat, intimidation and harassment; b) bullying applies to anyone on school property or a school sponsored event including teachers, administrators, contractors , etc. ; c) student eligibility is immediate for any incident a parent “deems” to be bullying, threat, intimidation or harassment. and d) It is the responsibility of every person to report these incidents, not just parents.
  2. We strongly recommend the FL DOE website include an FAQ in English and Spanish ( feel free to use ours as an example) and  it specifically should address  types of new situations that qualify as scholarship eligible such as (but not limited to):– If a parent believes their child is being threatened or intimidated by age-inappropriate
    sexual content
  3. If a parent believes their child is being threatened or intimidated by advocating socialism and denigrating free markets
  •  If a parents believes their child is being threatened or intimidated by an employee teaching evolution as a fact or denigrating the biblical view of creation
  • If a parent believes their child is being threatened or intimidated by the Marxist propaganda of BLM or the 1619 project
  • If a parent believes their child is being threatened or intimidated by any form of religious indoctrination
  1. The FL DOE to send a letter to each school superintendent that specifically addresses their affirmative duty to create bullying policies , staff training and a parent awareness program featuring the expansive nature of the Hope Scholarship.
  2. The FL DOE provide formal training to the administrators of all private schools so they understand the Hope Scholarship as a tool they can use to help parents looking to remove their child from a public school “bullying” situation. This is especially needed for the over 800 private schools already certified to accept Hope Scholarship students.

**These actions are fully supported by existing statutes FS1002.40, FS 1003.42, FS 1006.28 , FS 847.012 and 847.001 and 876.01.

Our results: Full Spread sheet attached

  • 42 Counties that have no mention of the Hope Scholarship
  • 4  Counties have a bullying section with no mention of the Hope Scholarship in it.
    Hillsborough  Nassau Orange St. Lucie
  • 7 Counties with links to the FLDOE for the Hope Scholarship without any context
    Charlotte   Clay  Escambia Lee Monroe  Palm Beach Volusia
  • 6 counties that misrepresent the Hope Scholarship as Broward did
    Brevard Broward Indian River Manatee Marion Pinellas
  • 6 Counties that explain the Hope Scholarship as the current FL Doe site does (the DOE site currently fails to explain the expansive nature)
    Hernando Lake Leon Pasco  St. John’s Sarasota
  • 2 counties have a mention of the Hope Scholarship but don’t make it easy to find

We are happy to discuss but aggressive action by the FL DOE and School Districts is required. We understand from an email last week from you Dr Graham that an update to the FL DOE website for the Hope scholarship is in process. We eagerly look forward to it portraying the expansive nature of the Hope Scholarship.


Keith Flaugh Managing
Director, Florida Citizens Alliance


©Florida Citizens Alliance. All rights reserved.

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