President Trump’s Duty to Zealously Contest this Election

As President Trump walked out of Wednesday evening’s press conference a female reporter, in a fashion emblematic of the press’s unprofessionalism and its disrespect for the Office of the Presidency of the United States yelled out, “Mr. President, are you a sore loser?”

The question, of course, is sophomoric, insolent, and designed to injure Donald Trump the person.  Fortunately, President Trump did not honor the question with a response as he quietly strode out of the White House Press Room, but it did bring up another issue altogether that is being raised with increasing frequency amongst the audacious press.  Should the President of the United States even be contesting this election? Wouldn’t he better off to bow out quietly and gracefully?

The United States has a two-centuries-long tradition of observing the peaceful transition of power.  Indeed, the time when such a transition became most threatened was following the highly contested race between Jefferson and Adams where the latter, after a protracted and heated stalemate in the House of Representatives, quietly loaded up his coach and rode out of Washington.  Since then, Americans have prided themselves at being the harbingers of peaceful transitions, although they were not always smooth.

Regardless of the outcome, this election will go down in history as one of the most contentious, heated, and vitriolic in American history, and with Joe Biden holding an apparent lead, one must ask, shouldn’t the loser bow out gracefully?

Well, for every thing, there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.  For President Trump, the time now is for a legal fight.

The fact is that this election has been anything other than transparent.  Impropriety is running rampant among polling stations in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Michigan, and Wisconsin, among others, in some cases preventing even the observation of counting procedures. It is curious that in every contested state where the President has had a lead, it has dwindled with the discovery of more ballots.  And in each of these locations, suspicious circumstances have abounded.  Meanwhile, in the first example of hard data supporting a case for election malfeasance, the President and his team have provided a list of over 3,000 names of individuals who had previously changed their state of residence, but nevertheless still voted in Nevada.  With an 11,000-vote deficit, such a list, if accurate will make a dent in the former Vice President’s lead.  Concurrent with the delivery of the list, the Trump team announced that thousands more such names will be forthcoming without including an even larger list of deceased persons who apparently resurrected long enough to vote in that state.

As the list of impropriety grows, it appears that the President’s case to reverse some of these adverse results is getting stronger, and I would not be surprised if some of those states declared as Biden’s ultimately get reversed and are declared to be Trump’s.

So, should the President pursue every legal recourse to reverse outcomes that appear to have come out in Biden’s favor?  Of course the should.  Not only is this a question of great personal import to the President, but it is one of even greater import to his followers.  Recall, these votes do not belong to President Trump or former Vice President Biden.  They belong to every person who cast them, and these two men are their primary representatives.

At some point, when the process is exhausted, Vice President Biden may end up being declared the winner of this nasty, dirty election.  However, with what I am seeing, it seems to me that the winner will likely be the President.  Either way, the President has a duty, not only to himself, but to the American people to zealously pursue this process to its natural conclusion.  Only then can some semblance of credibility be preserved for the ultimate winner of this contest.


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EDITORS NOTE: This The Federalist Pages column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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