Increasingly, it looks like the election process, particularly in battleground states, is so flawed that their results, as presently reported, cannot stand.  Evidence has been mounting faster than we can tally it demonstrating that we have indeed been witnessing an attempted election theft on a massive scale, and thankfully, it looks increasingly likely to fail.

The attack on election integrity took place in multiple states using both conventional and cyber methods. On the conventional front, physical manipulation of ballots and tabulation processes have been perpetrated in selected jurisdictions. The malfeasance took multiple forms, seemingly centered   on the tampering of mail-in ballots.  In Philadelphia, multiple efforts were made by election officials to hide the tabulation process from the public, efforts so brazen that they have included disobeying court orders to allow representatives from the Trump campaign and the Republican Party from overseeing the counting process.  The brazenness of their efforts was heightened by the actual changing of the counting facility’s layout to make sure that counting stations were too far to allow for any effective oversight.

Philadelphia was also the first subject of Supreme Court intervention when Justice Alito ordered the facility to separate out and seal ballots that came in after 8 p.m. on November 3, 2020.  Unconfirmed by this writer are reports that Justice Alito had to issue the order twice because of noncompliance.  Regardless, as of this writing, there is no evidence the orders were obeyed.

In Georgia, a video seems to show thousands of navy ballots being found in nearby dumpsters with no explanation as to how or why they got there.

In Michigan, there is the late arrival of over 100,000 ballots, all for Biden, in one mysterious batch. Moreover, the GOP claims to have collected over one hundred affidavits from poll workers and post office employees, amongst others, attesting to the frauds they have witnessed.  These include reports from postal workers ordered to change the receipt-dates of ballot envelopes received after the election deadline so that they would be falsely stamped as having timely arrived.  And similar to Philadelphia, Wayne County poll watchers have been kept from witnessing tabulations, this time through the use of locked doors and covered windows.

In Nevada, the GOP has already filed suit alleging over 3,000 instances of persons with residencies outside of that state who nevertheless cast ballots in the Nevada election.  The plaintiffs report this to be the first of many batches they will be providing, some of which involve the deceased and may number as many as 7,000 votes.

On the virtual front is the intrusion of software designed to flip votes.  A vote-counting software by Dominion, called Hammer, appears to be the conduit for the manipulation.  The software is equipped with an app called Scorecard designed to flip up to 3% of the votes.  Discovered as a “glitch” by a poll worker in Michigan, the computer program was identified as the culprit in flipping 6,000 Trump votes to Biden votes (a 12,000 vote swing) in Antrim County.  Manual  tabulations have handed that county back to President Trump, but a review of the various programs used throughout Michigan indicate forty-seven counties may have been affected.  It also appears the software was used in eleven states, including every state presently under contention.

The origins of the Hammer and Scorecard are even more disturbing as they seem to link its production and distribution to Senator Diane Feinstein’s family and the Chinese.  Most compelling is a conversation between Steve Bannon and Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney that took place prior to November 3, 2020.  Here, General McInerney reports that Hammer is software developed by the NSA and picked up by the CIA as a Signals Intelligence Program (SIGIP).  According to McInerney, the Obama Administration added Scorecard to change vote counts by up to 3%.  What’s most compelling about this interview is McInerney’s prediction that the program would deploy on election night.  “They’re trying to set up this voting thing for Tuesday night,” said McInereny.  “It’s gonna look good for President Trump, but they’re going to change it.  And that’s the danger that Americans and everybody must realize.”

A simply amazing, apparent demonstration of the moment the “glitch” took place was captured by one CNN viewer involving the  Andy Beshear/Matt Bevin race in Kentucky.  The viewer showed the exact moment when Bevin lost 560 votes and Beshear gained the exact, same number.

Adding credibility to the concerns are the statistical anomalies in vote tabulations.  Benford’s Law, a statistical analysis used to detect fraud, evaluates the distribution of the first digits in multiple results.  This cycle, all elections tested, except Biden’s, comply with the predictions of the law.

Then there are the statistical impossibilities.  It is highly unlikely in an election that saw an increase in House seats for the President’s party and no change in his senate races, that the President would not prevail.  Of course, the mysterious arrival of over 100,000 votes in Michigan and Wisconsin, 100% of which were  only for Biden, strains credulity.  Another oddity, the percentage of mail-in votes in Pennsylvania (60.55) Michigan (37.95%) compared to the next closest states (Ohio at 15.3% and Arizona at 6.4%) raises significant concerns.

There is also the inexplicably high numbers of votes collected for Biden in certain jurisdictions.  Thus far in 2020, President Trump has handily overwhelmed his 2016 numbers.  His vote counts have been so large, that in order for him to lose, former Vice President Biden would need to have surpassed Hillary Clinton’s vote counts in 2016 and President Barack Obama’s vote counts in 2012. In no state does that happen except in some major cities in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Arizona, a highly unlikely result.  Most notably, in Wisconsin, a 91% voter turnout is being recorded, blowing past the prior record of 66.8%, a difference of greater than five standards of deviation from the norm.

The totality of the data overwhelmingly suggests that the election, particularly those in highly contested states, has been breached, fatally tainted by malfeasants and opportunists.  The saving grace is that they have been largely discovered, leaving only two questions to be answered.  First, can the GOP and Trump’s lawyers successfully execute the legal arguments?  And second, will the judiciary have the intestinal fortitude to invalidate those illegal votes, regardless of their massive numbers?

If there truly is an attempt to steal this election, then it is imperative the coup be stopped because if not, there will literally be no reason to ever hold another election again.

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EDITORS NOTE: This The Federalist Pages column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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  1. tod Goodall
    tod Goodall says:

    If the the judiciary doesn’t do the right thing. What are we as liberty loving citizens going to do. How do I most effectively stand and fight?


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