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All the cheats and liars are issuing calls for unity and peace now that they appear to have the upper hand.

On the political scene, it was fake-Catholic Joe Biden’s primary point in his speech to the nation on Saturday night. Meanwhile, those who do and will control him — like Occasional Cortex as just one example — are saying things like lists need to be created of Trump supporters so they can be shut out of society once the Marxists assume power.

And yes, that’s exactly what she said: Keep a database of Trump supporters to ensure they don’t get hired later on. She also took to Twitter saying, “Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future?”

And if that’s not enough, the blacklist is being pushed by an ex-Obama sportsperson as well. But some stalwarts on the right like the chairman of the American Conservative Union, Matt Schlapp, took to Twitter and said this about the fake calls for getting along: “For Democrats calling for unity, you may want to actually stop counting illegal votes in Nevada first.”

And he could have continued on much more extensively from there — illegal votes and counting are occurring in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Arizona.

On this matter, according to a survey released this morning by Rasmussen, two weeks before the election, only 6% of voters thought their votes would be counted correctly. Today, that number has more than quadrupled to a whopping 28%. More than a quarter of the U.S. population has serious doubts that their vote was treated fairly.

Add to that that findings from Monday show 70% of Republicans believe the election was neither fair nor free. These are gigantic numbers, and they reflect the reality that if Biden is sworn in, a large number of Americans will regard his presidency as illegitimate — because he and the Marxist Democratic machine (which has control of nearly all the states in question) simply cheated and cheated on a grand scale.

For more than four years, Americans were dragged through the daily bombardment of a pack of lies about Trump and anything they could pin on him — Russia, Ukraine, COVID, racism, rioting, the economy. If it could stick, they threw it at him.

The Democrats traffic in lies and so too do a number of Republicans who are in league with them in the swamp. And speaking of the swamp, the U.S. bishops as a body have been just as despicable, actually more so.

And the release yesterday of the long-awaited McCarrick Report drives that point home even further. Pope Francis is completely exonerated from any guilt or complicity in resurrecting McCarrick. So too are the closest associates of McCarrick, who are believed unquestioningly when they claim they were “shocked” to learn of this for the “first time” in the Summer of Shame.

It was all the fault of a canonized saint, the report concludes — and a handful of dead guys and Abp. Vigano. The report goes on for huge portions about the details of McCarrick’s foul deeds, like we all didn’t know that already, salacious details aside.

But when it comes to revealing certain things like the network that protected him, cooperated with him, personally profited by protecting him with their silence, it falls completely silent, except of course for naming the dead guys. And Vigano.

The report is, as long suspected, a giant whitewash, admitting mostly what was already known and reported by outfits like Church Militant (as well as many in the secular media).

For example, it speaks of McCarrick being well known for his cash payments — the “envelope culture” it’s called — detailing that he used to hand out envelopes full of large cash payments, but it steers very clear of saying whom he gave those to.

McCarrick handed out cash payments — large sums of money — for decades, especially to many in Rome. He used to carry that cash in his diplomatic pouch while traveling. But it’s certainly strange that the report confesses that again (since it is already well known) but deliberately fails to say who got the cash.

Likewise, the most well-known victim of “Uncle Ted,” a man who endured almost two decades of reprehensible abuse, James Grein, is never mentioned by name. His entire life is reduced to a mere footnote near the end of the report, and only then in reference to John Paul.

To have assembled a report on McCarrick with no reference to Grein whatsoever would be like issuing a study on the Scriptures without writing one syllable about the Holy Spirit. Unless you are a person fascinated with details about something you already have a working knowledge of, this report is a waste of time.

The very information so urgently sought of Pope Francis simply is not there. It can’t be. His inner circle, those who owe their careers to McCarrick, are the very ones advising and counseling the Pope — and Pope Francis knows that.

So what’s the relationship between the lies coming from the political Left and the deception coming from Rome? They are both pretending to want unity, but they despoil the word. Faithful Catholics and conservative Americans have simply lost trust in the respective institutions and those who run them.

Giant tech, Joe Biden, news media, higher education, you name it: They are no longer to be trusted. Likewise with Rome, a cesspool of deceit and cover-up. And neither camp is ever held to account — in this life, that is.

They want a phony unity, built on the lie. And what is the lie? The lie is that what matters is this world and this world alone, with no reference to God. The political Marxists out and out deny God and instrumentalize the good of the earth.

The theological Left doesn’t out and out deny God, but they instrumentalize the things of God. But each group is serving the Devil. Period. There is no such thing as unity built on a lie. Unity can only be had when it is built on truth.

The Vatican as well as Washington, D.C. have placed themselves in the service of the lie — both politically and theologically. This must be resisted with every fiber of your being. You must fight this evil — even if you have to die in the fight. But surrender is not an option.

Compromise with the Devil (in politics and especially morality) is how a person’s earthly life and, most especially, eternal life are doomed.

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