Dominion Voting paid Georgia Secretary of State $106M

Eye Opener published the following report titled Dominion Voting paid Georgia Secretary of State $106M; Supreme Court to decide Pennsylvania Election on YouTube:

Lin Wood warns that these people want to take away your rights, repeal your Constitution. “Don’t let them get away with it! And don’t let President Trump go at it alone!” He also forewarned of the eventual incarceration of Biden.

He also said that the current election fraud was a well-planned effort 20 years in the making. The mainstream media is using its usual tactic of lying to Americans. While President Trump was close to a landslide victory, the media told the opposite story, and declared Biden’s fraudulent victory as truth.

The Oath Keepers, the nation’s largest militia group, which includes tens of thousands of Americans who have been in the military or law enforcement, is an armed conservative group that also participated in the DC pro-Trump march last Saturday.

They told the media on November 14 that they would not recognize the election and that about half of the people in the United States would not recognize Biden as a legitimate president. This means that everything Biden says will be seen as having no validity or effect, and with any laws that are signed, they will not be recognized as legal, they will see it as unconstitutional, and will resist them.

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  1. Mary Ann Nazare
    Mary Ann Nazare says:

    Where is our justice dept & where is AG William Barr – the Democrats get away with curruption Constantly Hillary- Obama -The National Intelligence Agency- the FBI when are we going to have accountability many of my family ,friends neighbors etc.. have no faith in our Government – some ppl I know don’t CARE because they are Democrats & they won – they don’t seem to care about right or wrong ( just their party or they hate Trump I ‘m so tired of it 😞Look what they’ve done to General Flynn Come on & where is this Durham report !!!!!!!


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