Six More Items on Electoral Fraud [Let me count the ways if possible] and some police as thugs

1. At this point its a challenge just to find out how many ways the Democrats cheated.

2. Jason Kenney loses the credibility he should have lost with conservatives over his immigration policies long ago.

3. France attempts to pass law to prevent the filming of police officers. This results in a reaction which makes you understand why they wouldn’t want to be filmed.

PARIS (AP) — Tens of thousands of critics of a proposed security law that would restrict the filming of police officers protested across France on Saturday, and officers in Paris who were advised to behave responsibly during the demonstrations repeatedly fired tear gas to disperse rowdy protesters who set fire to France’s central bank and threw paving stones.

The mood was largely peaceful, however, as dozens of rallies took place against a provision of the law that would make it a crime to publish photos or video of on-duty police officers with the intent of harming their “physical or psychological integrity.”

Civil liberties groups, journalists, and people who have faced police abuse are concerned that the measure will stymie press freedoms and allow police brutality to go undiscovered and unpunished.


(If France gets away with this, Canada and Australia and the UK will be next as the government drifts farther and farther from the people)

4. 90 Minute video with Brad Johnson and Rich Higgins. (co-author wit Stephen Coughlin.)

5. Cops intervene after extreme squatters ‘Sovereign citizens’ knock on doors of rich Seattle residents and demand they hand over their mansions

A group of so-called ‘sovereign citizens’ who say they own most of the land in the Western Hemisphere have been knocking on the doors of wealthy homeowners in the Seattle area and showing fake documents alleging that their properties belong to them.

Moorish Sovereign Citizens has been labeled an extremist group of squatters who do not recognize the authority of the United States government or its laws.

According to detectives in Snohomish County, Washington State, members of the sect knocked on doors of waterfront homes in Woodway and Edmonds and informed the residents there that they were moving in, KIRO-TV reported.

‘They have basically come to say that they’re from this particular group and they’re there to repossess the home and want the people to vacate the premises,’ said Edmonds police Sergeant Josh McClure. 

In each case, police were called to the area and the group cooperated after they were warned that they could be arrested for trespassing.

This article reminds me of two things:

Interesting name, the MOORISH etc. etc. Moores of course is the name Europeans gave to muslim North African jihadis. They created problems for Europe for centuries and centuries as pirates, rapists, robbers etc. All for the greater glory of Islam.

And the second, is this Democrat Socialists of America clip. As you watch, remember the letter to Barack Obama from Carlos the Jackal. “The only way to defeat the United States is a combination of communism and Islam”.

6. An additional item about the massive police presence at a BBQ restaurant in Toronto. Please read this thread and some of the comments.

Back to Paris for a moment:

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