TRUMP BATTLES FOR NEVADA: Exposing massive fraud in court.

Although Nevada’s Supreme Court ruled to certify the state’s election results, the Trump campaign’s lawsuit filed on Nov. 17 will get a hearing in court.

On Wednesday, Judge James Todd Russell agreed to hear the Trump campaign’s most recent case on Dec. 3. Team Trump originally asked to depose 30 witnesses, but because of the Thanksgiving holiday, the judge saw fit to bring that number down to just 15.

This new update from the Trump campaign follows some grim news that broke on Tuesday when the Supreme Court of Nevada approved the state canvassing board’s certification of the 2020 election results. This potentially gives the state’s six electoral votes to Joe Biden.

A series of events brought the state’s election to this precipice.


  • Nov. 05 – First Trump campaign lawsuit filed in Nevada
  • Nov. 16 – Clark County Commission certifies the 2020 election results, except for District C (owing to “discrepancies”)
  • Nov. 17 – Trump campaign files second lawsuit
  • Nov. 24 – Nevada Supreme Court certifies results for the Nevada 2020 election
  • Nov. 25 – Nevada district court judge agrees to hear Trump campaign lawsuit

Mail-in ballots and the Agilis voting machine

The Trump campaign’s lawsuit filed on Nov. 17 alleges there are multiple instances of mail-in ballot irregularities, out-of-state voting, voters casting multiple ballots, dead people voting and vote-buying by a local outreach group.

Adam Laxalt, co-chairman of the Trump campaign in Nevada, also went after the “Agilis machine” and its role in gathering votes for Clark County. This machine was used to verify hundreds of thousands of signatures. No GOP official was able to physically look at or personally verify these signatures in Nevada’s most populous county.

Even more disquieting is the fact that the machine’s accuracy setting was turned down before the votes came rolling in. The low setting rendered the machine virtually useless in verifying signatures, according to the Trump campaign.

Clark County certifies, except for one local race

On Nov. 16, the Trump campaign thought it had achieved a small victory in the infamous Clark County when the Clark County Commission certified the results for each race except for one district race. Registrar Joe Gloria went in front of the commission and made his case that the District C race was not able to be certified because it contained 139 discrepancies.

First lawsuit filed but later tossed 

The Nov. 17 lawsuit is not the first that was filed by the Trump campaign. On Nov. 5, the Trump campaign announced the filing of its first lawsuit in federal district court.

This lawsuit was filed to halt the counting of irregular mail-in ballots until what’s known as “meaningful access” was granted to GOP observers at the counting places. But a district court judge tossed the lawsuit.

The Trump campaign, however, is vowing to continue the fight for Nevada.

EDITORS NOTE: This Church Militant column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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