Why the Ruger LCP is a Favorite Among Women

While anyone of any size is basically capable of shooting any gun, every gun isn’t a perfect fit for everyone. The average firearm is designed for the average size hands of a man. This means that many people on either side of average can be left uncomfortable with many firearms, with many women finding themselves on the smaller side of average in this case.

Some firearms cater very well to the specific needs of women, and the Ruger LCP is one of those.

Size and Features

Many women need a gun that is small and capable, and the Ruger LCP does a great job of being firearm that is smaller while still performing well.

The gun is light in weight and recoil. Lighter handguns are simply easier to maneuver and fire for many.

Recoil is very important for women to consider. A handgun with a little too much recoil can affect the wrists making shooting an unpleasant experience. Perhaps more importantly, repeatedly shooting a handgun with too much recoil can cause repetitive strain injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome being the most notable of these. Anyone who has ever experienced the pain and frustration that comes from nerve and tendon injuries can attest to how serious they can be. The light recoil of the LCP makes it a perfect fit for most women.

Their grips add to their comfort. Designers often have trouble designing grips for small handguns. It is understandable, considering they simply have less space to work with, but that doesn’t make an uncomfortable gun comfortable. Ruger also knocked this out of the park with the LCP. The grip has a beavertail that blends in with the frame and slide. This is a smart way to make use of the small space. They essentially repurposed something that was going to be taking up space either way. The grip is lightly beveled in parts to make it stick to one’s hand easier.

The LCP is also a simple weapon to disassemble. This makes it a great gun for experienced shooters and new shooters alike. Cleaning and maintaining weapons are important parts of gun ownership and having a handgun that is simple to disassemble makes learning and getting used to the process of maintaining firearms easy to get in to.

Concealed Carry

The LCP does not just offer a good shooting experience for women; it offers a great weapon for concealed carry.

Marksmanship and protection are the biggest reasons for purchasing firearms. Women in particular often understand how dangerous everyday living can be which makes concealed carry a valuable option.

The gun can be carried in a number of convenient ways. It can be carried in traditional waistband holsters like other handguns. It is small enough that it offers more versatility than that though, and it isn’t just small. It’s incredibly slim. This makes it ideal for carrying in less conventional ways.

One common way of carrying it is to simply to keep it in a handbag or purse. It fits neatly into a small space without cluttering it up, weighing one down, or being noticeable. Some like to carry it in their pocket. Specific pocket holsters are made that allow them to be drawn with ease from the pocket. Pocket holsters can be a good way to store the LCP in a purse as well.

The .380 rounds it fires are also sufficient for self-defense. They don’t have the stopping power of more powerful rounds like the .40, .45, or even 9mm. However, they still carry enough stopping power to put someone down and protect oneself. You generally have to make a tradeoff for smaller rounds when you want a more compact handgun, but the tradeoff is worth it in this case. A similarly worth it tradeoff comes in the form of the magazine. The Ruger LCP is so slim that it basically has to use a single stack magazine. It holds 6 rounds, and it can of course be carried with 1 in the chamber, bringing its capacity to 6+1. Like with stopping power, this is a place where you are sacrificing a bit of magazine size to get a handgun this compact. The good thing is that 7 rounds will probably be sufficient in self-defense scenarios.

Lastly, for anyone looking to purchase a firearm for self-defense, sharpening your skills will be crucial. You really want to know that you are proficient with your handgun. This means taking it to the range and practicing. Having someone to teach new shooters is important as well. Some people may prefer learning from a gun owner they are already close to, and some will prefer either one-on-one or group instruction from a professional.

The firearms world has been called a “boys club” in the past, so you may feel comfortable training and shooting with other women. You’ll have to see what is available in your area, but there will likely be groups of women you could find to embark on your firearms journey with.

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